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The Business Credit and Financing Show is produced by Credit Suite and hosted by Ty Crandall, business credit expert and best-selling author of Perfect Credit and Business Credit Decoded. Each week we talk about the business growth strategies that matter most to entrepreneurs. Listen in as we discuss the secrets to getting credit cards, loans, and credit lines to start and grow your business, even when you think you can’t get financing at a bank. And enjoy as we talk with seasoned business owners, coaches, influencers, and industry leaders on a variety of business growth strategies from how to market, hire, scale, increase revenue and profit, and the nuts and bolts of running a highly successful business. Listeners leave every 30-60-minute episode with actionable information you can use to start, grow, and fund a highly profitable business.
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Jun 27, 2016

Morgan Gist MacDonald is a writing coach, editor, and founder of Paper Raven Books. Morgan and her

team help authors write, edit, and publish books that create impact. Her latest book, Start Writing Your

Book Today: A Step-by- Step Plan to Write Your Nonfiction Book, from First Draft to Finished Manuscript,

is available in the Amazon kindle store. Morgan blogs about writing techniques and motivation at

During this show we discuss:

What a book can do for the credibility of an entrepreneur

How having a book can help increase revenue

How someone who’s not a natural writer write a book using free-writing

What topics to focus on in your book

The preferred number of chapters and pages that should be in a book

The ways some authors sabotage themselves as they’re writing a book

Mistakes new authors make when writing their first book and how you can avoid them

How selling books be a good secondary, or even primary source of income

How to put together your press kit

How to get to #1 on Amazon

And much more

Jun 27, 2016

During this show you will discover:

Who is Dun & Bradstreet and why they matter so much in your ability to get money for your business

How to setup your entity the right way at the cheapest price… and how to choose an entity that reduces your personal liability

How to get your EIN and D&B D-U-N-S number at no-cost to you… to initially get established with D&B

When you will need to, and when you should avoid using virtual, home, and UPS addresses

7 things you must do to setup your business credibly before getting credit with D&B… and one site you can visit to do all 7

What you should know about D&Bs Credit Builder service… and a look at the “small print” of what accounts you can’t add to your D&B report

One thing you can do now to get $150,000 for your business even as a startup… and build your business credit at the same time

Which new credit accounts you can apply with and get approved to start your D&B profile and score… without supplying your SSN, without a personal guarantee, and regardless of personal credit

How your D&B Paydex score really works… and the 2 things you must do to have a great score within 60 days

How to get vendor, store, fleet, and cash credit by building your business credit… regardless of your personal credit quality and even if you just opened your business

And much more…

Jun 21, 2016

Humble and authentic, money expert Leisa Peterson loves supporting people in their journey to having it all as that is what she has created in her own life - she is a self-made millionaire, mom, wife, transformational business coach, author, speaker, and retreat facilitator.  Leisa has been helping 1,000s of people better manage their money for over 20 years, she is a CFP and has an MBA in finance. She specializes in coaching entrepreneurs who want to increase their income, keep more of what they earn and create greater freedom in their life as a result.  Leisa blogs about money and mindfulness for the Huffington post, hosts “the Art of mindful wealth” a popular podcast on iTunes and her upcoming book is called Breaking Free of Scarcity Mindset.  You can learn more about Leisa at 

During this show we discuss…

How to incorporate meditation into your life to find a whole new level of success

How to use breathing to gain massive amounts of concentration and focus

How you can use mediation to gain a much deeper level of connection with the world

How money and meditation can come together to reach high levels of success

How to use mediation to answer high-level questions and get clarity and answers in your life

How you bring together money and mindfulness

How to develop the “money mindset”

What it is about money that causes people so much stress

How to use tapping, an emotional freedom technique

What really causes suffering and how to overcome it

How to master the two chapters of life

Where mindful wealth comes from…. And how to accomplish it

Time, money, you, how to bring these three things together to grow

How to get more time to do things you want to do by taking accountability

“Money is your life energy” … learn how this powerful statement can change your life

How to get more time to better your life and make more money

How to get you “slack time” to grow personally

Why time management and accountability are linked

How to find self-awareness


Jun 7, 2016

Andrea Travillian is a small business consultant, specializing in strategy, growth management and executive coaching. She has been a small business owner since 2002 and has a BA in finance from the University of Iowa and MBA from Creighton University.

After working in banking, mortgages, investments, corporate finance and taxes, Andrea realized her skills lie in long term planning and creating maps to actually achieve those goals.  In 2007, she started Smart Step to help others understand their life goals, business goals and how to make everything work together, all without working crazy hours.


During this show we discuss…

What a micro business is and what Andrea does to help those businesses

Some of the best strategies for business owners to invest inside and outside of their business

Why processes are essential to ever being able to sell a business

What you should do to make sure your business is survivable without you

How to develop a strategy plan long-term

How to determine what your vision is for your business… and what your role should be

Andreas best tips for creating a rewarding life outside of your business

How to develop a personal life plan… and why it is a must for every business owner

How to turn ideas from strategy into reality through an organized process

The biggest mistake most business owners make… and how to easily overcome them

What you must know about your financials that can save your business

How to make mistakes, learn from them, apply what you have learned… while avoiding fatal mistakes

How to use processes to be proactive and not reactive  

Why business owner meetings are essential to success

The 6 aspects of the small business growth pyramid you should know

And much more…

May 30, 2016

During this show you will discover…

  • What are 0% credit lines and how they really work
  • How startups and those with no collateral or cash flow can easily and quickly get approved
  • 6 benefits that you should know about including how they help build business credit
  • How long the 0% rate is REALLY good for… and what you can do to get it for even longer than the initial intro period
  • Are these really credit LINES?  You may be surprised of the answer… but you should know the real differences between credit lines and cards
  • How much money you can get with this program versus your bank… and why even one bank inquiry can ruin your chances of approval
  • The exact qualification requirements and how to quickly get approved
  • How to know how much money you can qualify for now
  • The fees and rates that are charged… and how to get the lowest fees and the highest approvals
  • 5 things you should ask any company offering this type of funding to know if they are legit
  • How to use credit partners to multiply your approval amounts
  • The exact approval and funding process mapped out…. So you can see how quickly you can get funded
  • How you can get approved before the webinar is even over
  • And much more
May 24, 2016

Miranda Marquit is a freelance journalist and money expert. Her work has appeared in Forbes, U.S.

News & World Report, and other online and offline publications, and she has been a guest on NPR.

During this show you’ll discover…

The secret to budgeting as an entrepreneur when you have variable income

The best way to save when your revenue and income vary

How to best prioritize your expenses as a business owner

How to find freedom and flexibility in what you love doing

Why liquidity is so important and how to manage cash flow

Why lines-of- credits can save you and your business

What invoice factoring is and how it can give you a financial cushion

How to best obtain manage health insurance and keep it affordable

How to use and manage health savings accounts

The types of bank accounts should business owners have

Why separating business and personal credit is important

The best ways to save for retirement as an entrepreneur

How to get a home loan as a business owner when you don’t get pad on W-2

3 things you should know about self-publishing your own book

What you should know about freelancing

And much more...

May 19, 2016

On This Show We Cover…

What the Rust Lion Academy is all about

The keys to growing a business without screwing up your life

The key life values entrepreneurs should know about to help setup boundaries

The most important aspects to setting up both personal and business goals

The keys are to accomplish the goals you set

Essential things every business owner should do in the morning as they start their day to propel them to


What is freedom, and why is it so important for business owners

What time freedom is and how to accomplish it

If someone isn’t a born leader, how they become a better leader

How to develop teams whether physical or virtual

What business owners can do to motivate their team members to work with passion and drive

The best way to get it all done without working 100 hours per week

How to achieve work- life balance

And much more!

May 10, 2016

Jordan Goodman is known as Americas Money Answers Man. He has been answering Americans questions about personal finance topics for over 35 years. Jordans experience includes 18 years as the Wall Street Correspondent for MONEY Magazine, 9 years as a regular financial analyst for NBC News, 6 years with Marketplace Radio. He is a regular guest on numerous national and local TV, radio and podcast shows. Jordan hosts the highly popular weekly Money Answers Radio Show on VoiceAmerica Business Network. Jordan is the author of 14 books including: Fast Profits in Hard Times; Master Your Debt; The Ultimate Guide to Student Loans; Master Your Money Type and The Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms. Jordan is on top of the latest trends in finance and investing and can speak to current issues in a lively, opinionated and helpful way.


During this episode we dive into…

The best way for entrepreneurs to get financing for their business without paying outrageous fees

Why conventional banks are not the best source for business financing

The best types of alternative financing to consider

How to get out of debt without ruining your life for only 1%

Which state has the best asset protection for small business owners

What is the best legal entities to choose to eliminate personal liability

Why business credit is important… and how it can help any business grow

Some actual success and failure stories related to entrepreneurs

How business credit can be used to get better loan terms

What business credit report you should have… and the score you should strive to maintain

How a business owner can get the best business credit card

How to fix inaccurate business credit reports

And much more...


May 3, 2016

In this LIVE event we will map out the exact steps to build your business credit and get an excellent Paydex score with Dun & Bradstreet in 60 days or less.


You will discover…

Who Dun & Bradstreet is… and how their Paydex score truly works

The one thing you can do to get an excellent Paydex score quickly

How the Paydex score is calculated… and what you can do to insure you quickly get a great score

How the Paydex score ranges… and how it compares to your consumer credit

How to setup your business the RIGHT WAY initially… we will walk through all steps from choosing your entity to applying for credit

Where credit issuers are looking to see if your business is listed… and how to get listed so you will get approved for new credit

How to get your D-U-N-S number from D&B for FREE… saving you over $800

How D&Bs Credit Builder really works… and what you MUST know before buying it

Where you will need to get credit monitoring from… and how to get it cheaply

The 2 requirements you must insure vendors meet before they will approve you for credit

All of the vendors you will need who will approve you even as a startup… without you supplying your SSN

2 things you must do with your new vendor credit to insure you get an awesome Paydex score

Over 15 store who will approve you within 60 days for new business credit… without a personal guarantee or credit check

How to get cash credit including Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX for your business without a PG

4 things you need to do continually to get and keep good business credit

And much more...

Apr 26, 2016

Ace Chapman bought his first business when he was nineteen. It was an online stock market simulator called CoolWallStreet. After selling it and seeing the benefits in buying a business over starting one, he caught the business buying bug. Since then he has bought and sold over thirty businesses and has helped his clients all over the world buy over one hundred businesses.

During this show we discuss…

Why buying a business makes more sense than building one

What you should take into account when trying to buy a business

How to buy a business even if you have little to no cash using financing

How to look at multiples to make the decision to buy or not buy the business

How wo figure out what the multiple of your business is

The three groupings of people buying business… and how to know where you fit in

Whether you should or should not have experience in the industry you are buying in

How to negotiate with a seller who really needs to sell

How to find the right business or industry to buy?

And much more…

Apr 19, 2016

During this live event you will discover…


What business credit is and how it really works

14 business credit benefits you should know about

What the SBA says about why you should manage your business credit

How to setup your entity the right way… without being personally liable for what happens in your business

4 things about your business address that can get you denied… before you even apply

6 things you should know about your phone number… not knowing these will also get you denied

16 places credit issuers look to see if your business is listed… and how to easily get listed with all of them by going to one website

How to get your business credit reports… without paying a lot of money to do it

A look at the tradelines of the top privately and publically owned companies in the U.S…. and compare them to other companies who are one year into their business credit building

How to get your D-U-N-S number from Dun & Bradstreet for free… saving you over $2,000

3 things you can’t do when applying for business credit or you will get denied

How to start your initial business credit profile and score

7 vendors will give you credit that reports to the business reporting agencies… even when you have none now

A look at 18 retailers who you know well who will give you business credit without a personal credit check or guarantee… and what it takes to get approved

2 ways to get cash credit cards for your business…. And how one way can get you money within a few weeks or less

And much more…

Apr 18, 2016

Jefferson Lilly is a mobile home park investment expert, educator, and industry consultant who has been featured in the New York Times, Bloomberg Magazine, and on the 'Real Money' television show.  Prior to co-founding Park Street Partners in 2013, Mr. Lilly spent seven years investing his own capital at Lilly & Company where he acquired and continues to operate mobile home parks in the Midwest.  Prior to becoming an investor full-time, Jefferson spent 10 years in sales leadership roles with several venture-backed startup companies in Silicon Valley that were acquired by Openwave Systems and VeriSign.

Earlier in his career he held operational roles at Viacom and was a consultant with Bain & Company.

Jefferson holds a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.


During this show we dive into…


Why it’s a brilliant idea to invest in mobile home parks

How you can earn 20% returns with mobile home park investing

Some of the little-known about advantages of investing including low maintenance cost

How to get involved with owning a mobile home park with as little as $1,000

2 of the biggest mistakes to avoid when investing

How you can get paid just by finding parks for sale

How to spend $2,000 and get 100% of your money back within the first year when investing

Why no more mobile home parks can be built, and how this benefits you as demand continues to rise

And much more...

Apr 5, 2016

During this live webinar we dive in and talk about what you should know about the 3 biggest business credit reporting agencies that controls your business credit profiles and scores.

You’ll discover…

Which bureaus credit issuers and lenders use most to determine your approval or denial

How many records the reporting agencies have on file… and what countries they collect data from

The history of each agency… including the one who’s unethical actions led to the creation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act

The products and services that each reporting agency supplies… how they sell your data and who they sell it to

How your D&B D-U-N-S number works and who uses it

Which agency has had 4 U.S. presidents working for them throughout their history

The differences between Dun & Bradstreet and Dun & Bradstreet Credibility that you should know about

A look at actual business credit reports from all 3 reporting agencies

Where they get your data from… and how they then use it to determine your credit worthiness

And much more...

When you apply for any type of credit or loan for your business these are the agencies that lenders and credit issuers get your data from.

Mar 29, 2016

Susie Miller, is a communications and relationship expert, author, and speaker, She helps businesses, associations, and individuals, develop better relationships from the Boardroom to the Bedroom!  is an in 30 days or less! Susie equips high potential entrepreneurs and executives to reduce stress, improve communication, and most importantly, not bankrupt their relationships in pursuit of profits – so they truly can Maximize their Success!

Susie has been featured in major news outlets including Huffington Post Forbes, Fox New, Entrepreneur, and is the bestselling author of Listen, Learn, Love: How to Dramatically Improve Your Relationships in 30 Days or Less! Susie has been married to John for 32 years, and they have three adult children. You can connect with her

During this show we discuss…

How to build your business while saving your relationship

How to use business growth strategies to also grow your personal relationships

How to use the P.R.O.F.I.T system to insure your personal relationships flourish

The best method for not getting in trouble when you zone out when your spouse is speaking

Why entrepreneurs do not feel relationships are exciting… and how to make them exhilarating

Advice you can use to get you to have success in the boardroom as well as the bedroom

How to insure your personal relationships don’t suffer in pursuit of business and growth

How to use technology to grow your personal relationships with three simple tips

How to get the app for personal relationship growth

Why relationships are the currency of today… and how to grow your relational equity

And much more…

Mar 22, 2016

During this event you will discover…

Why the future of advertising is delivering value in advance… what this means and how to do it

How to use blog posts and other ways of sharing valuable information to get people interested and to click… and the best system to automatically market to those who are interested

How to use pixeling with Facebook and Google… and why the future is whomever has the biggest pixeled audience wins at marketing

How to retarget those who are interested in your content with ads to get them to opt in… see real examples, and learn how to then sell those prospects lower-cost items to get your ad spend back fast

3 types of audiences you should be marketing to… and 17 ways to market to each audience

One thing you can do for 7 dollars that makes your prospects 80 percent more likely to buy your higher-ticket items

How to monetize your exit pages, after people opt in… and how to do this where you get 100 percent plus opt in rates to your offers

2 absolute musts that your clients will need within their first 30 days of being a client to stay happy and remain your client

5 things you should do in the first 90 days of enrollment of your clients to retain them as clients and get tons of referral

How to turn your customer service department into a profit center

Pay-per-click secrets including how to get cheap keywords, build awesome lists, and use targeting and retargeting features in Google to blow up your campaigns

The 1 thing you can do now to see 100 percent growth in your business this year… it is as easy as making and calling upon one type of list

Podcasting… all you need to know to get started and promote your podcast to get to the new and noteworthy section on iTunes… and stay there

How to use Periscope and YouTube to make tons of sales at absolutely no cost

2 of the most brilliant thoughts shared at the event that can and will be game changers for your organization

And much more...

In one event you will discover so many actionable marketing strategies that can massively affect your growth this year.  This could be the most powerful hour you will spend getting information this year, do not miss out.

Mar 15, 2016

In 2011, Mike began sharing his insights and perspectives on LinkedIn with audiences throughout Maryland. In 2015, He founded Mike Shelah Consulting to work directly with companies and sales professionals nationwide to help them find more customers and find them fast, leveraging the power of LinkedIn. Mike uses his experience to evangelize the value of LinkedIn and assist those in the job market wanting to find their dream job and get to the front of the applicant list. A resident of Westminster, Maryland since 2005, Mike is a dedicated husband, father and community advocate. When he is not busy presenting or networking, Mike spends time with his family watching the Orioles, The Ravens &The Terps!

During this show we dive in and discusss…

3 step process to marketing on LinkedIn

What you should share, and how to share for the most impact

What you should know about LinkedIns blog Pulse

How to position yourself as a thought leader using LinkedIn

What you should know about embedding media such as video in your posts and profile

How to get comments to turn into referrals

Secret success strategies for LinkedIn groups

Why you should share your Pulse blog posts with your groups

What groups you should be joining to get the best results and customers

What you should know about your LinkedIn profile that can immediately put you at the top of searches

Why you should never treat your LinkedIn as you do with Facebook

Getting the most out of the 2nd degree connections to grow your business

How to get a 12 week LinkedIn course for your sales team

How to use LinkedIn to find awesome team members

The best practices to use LinkedIn for marketing

And much more...

Mar 8, 2016

During this LIVE event you will learn how each of these 5 scores work, and EXACTLY how you can control them to radically increase your chances of getting approved for credit and financing.


You will discover:

The 5 factors your consumer FICO score is based on… and how these differ from business credit scores

The top 5 sources of business scores that lenders use to determine loan approval or denial

How often these 5 scores are used by credit issuers and lenders… without you even knowing about it

Why it is possible for ANYONE to see your business credit reports and scores

The number 1 score used in the business world and how you can easily and quickly obtain an excellent score by doing only 1 thing

The score range of Dun and Bradstreets most popular score… and what you can do to by in the top tier to make you more lendable

2 types of business credit scores offered by D&B… and how all 5 of their scores really work

Why Experian Commercials score is one of the most commonly used today… and how this score works and how it rates you against on all other businesses in your industry

How your personal credit can affect your Experian business score… and what type of effect it truly has

The 5 components of your Experian score… and how much weight each has to your overall score

Why a 90 is a great score with Equifax… and the one thing you can easily do to insure you have that score or higher

5 additional scores that Experian and Equifax Commercial offer… and the basics of what you should know about each

How your business FICO score works… and why it is now being used to determine your approval for almost all conventional SBA loans

The “secret” credit score only available to banks that you will not find anywhere… and how this score works and how you can have an excellent score if you do only one thing

And much more

During this LIVE event we will decode what you need to know about the 5 primary scores lenders and credit issuers use to determine your approval.

 Do NOT even think of applying for a loan, credit line, or credit for your business without knowing this crucial information!

Feb 5, 2016

On this show we talk with Kathy Fettke, an active real estate investor, licensed Realtor, certified coach, and former mortgage broker. She specializes in helping people build multi-million-dollar real estate portfolios through creative finance and planning. With a passion for researching and sharing the most important facts on real estate and economics, Kathy is a frequent guest expert on such media as CNN, CNBC, Fox News, NPR, CBS MarketWatch and the Wall Street Journal. She is the author of the #1 best seller, Retire Rich with Rentals, and is host of The Real Wealth Show – which is a featured podcast on iTunes with listeners in 27 different countries.

During this show we discuss:

What drove Kathy from being a stay-at-home mom to leading a massive real estate network

The secrets to finding the best emerging markets for real estate investing

The biggest mistakes Kathy’s made with real estate, and what you can do to avoid those same mistakes

The best way to get money for real estate financing, even if you don’t have access to a lot of cash now

The book you should grab that will teach you the RIGHT way to become a successful real estate investor

How you can join nearly 20,000 and be part of the largest real estate network in the nation

The current markets that are the best for investing in today

Where the market is headed in 2016, what to expect and how to stay ahead of future trends

What Kathy would do different knowing what she knows now if she had to start all over again

Kathy’s best advice for real estate investors based on decades of experience

And much more!

Jan 20, 2016

Gene Hammett helps business owners define their market, lead their market and own their market. Gene has been a leader for 20+ years. I started and ran multiple million dollar companies where he has succeeded, failed and succeeded again. He is here today to share what he has learned and pass it along to you so you can have the business you really want and deserve to have.

On his podcast, Leaders in the Trenches, he has interviewed hundreds of leaders and best-selling NY Times best-selling authors. Gene is honored to have shared the platform with legend, Jack Canfield and been featured in Forbes, NBC, and Huffington Post. Gene is also a regular contributor to

During this Show we dive in and discuss…

The core principles of leadership

What gets in the way of leadership today

How leaders can get more from their employees

The CORE strategy to leadership

How you can increase employee engagement levels across your business

What are the key elements of culture

Mission, vision, values

And much more!

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