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The Business Credit and Financing Show is produced by Credit Suite and hosted by Ty Crandall, business credit expert and best-selling author of Perfect Credit and Business Credit Decoded. Each week we talk about the business growth strategies that matter most to entrepreneurs. Listen in as we discuss the secrets to getting credit cards, loans, and credit lines to start and grow your business, even when you think you can’t get financing at a bank. And enjoy as we talk with seasoned business owners, coaches, influencers, and industry leaders on a variety of business growth strategies from how to market, hire, scale, increase revenue and profit, and the nuts and bolts of running a highly successful business. Listeners leave every 30-60-minute episode with actionable information you can use to start, grow, and fund a highly profitable business.
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May 31, 2018

During this show, you will discover …

How creative funding methods not only save your personal credit …

… they also actively help your business get off the ground

How bootstrapping can harm your personal credit …

… and how building business credit and company legitimacy can save it

How to properly build business credit and get it right the first time

The difference between angel investors and venture capitalists …

… so you can see if either is right for your business

How invoice factoring can help your small business build relationships with creditors

The ins and outs of getting a loan through the SBA, or a microlender, or a bank

How you can get business credit cards

The secrets of crowdfunding and how to run a successful campaign...

… which includes saving time, money, and your sanity whether passing out perks or creating a pitch video

How unsecured business financing can be another way to fund your business …

… which depends on your consumer credit score but does not lower it

And much more...

May 29, 2018

Chris Prefontaine is a bestselling author and real estate investor with over 26 years of experience in the field, including 18 years as a builder, realtor, broker/owner and investor. He has always been an entrepreneur even when he did not know it. When he used to drag his wagon up to the street corner and sell junk from his closet or when he used to purchase gum by the pack and sell by the slice in middle school.  In 1991, Chris began building homes and built 100 homes before starting his own brokerage. He then become a broker/owner and was selling 100 homes a year with his small team. Since the 2008 debacle he realized he needed to reinvent his business so that he no longer had to use his own money or credit. After years of coaching independently, Chris founded Smart Real Estate Coach in 2014. The company coaches investors on how to scale & automate their business throughout the US and Canada- all without using their cash or credit. Chris and his team, which includes his kids, have done over $80 million in real estate transactions. They mentor, coach, consult and have Associates around the country doing exactly what they do. On top of that, they run their own buying and selling business so they are in the trenches every single week. Between their existing Associates around the Country and their own deals, they are still doing 5-10 properties every month and control as of now between $20 million -$25 million of real estate with little to no money down.


During This Show We Discuss…

How to get started with real estate investing

The types of ROI you can earn

3 ways to buy property with no money down

The best ways to start making revenue and profits quickly with real estate investing

How new investors build cashflow quickly

The challenges novice beginners face going against experienced investors and how to overcome them

Strategies to get leads of buyers before properties hit the MLS

The best ways for investors to access money to initially invest

What it means to “buy and sell a home on terms”

How to find sellers who are willing to do owner financing 

How to take over properties with tenants

When to know if you should buy and hold, or fix and flip

How an investor knows if residential or commercial is a better fit for them

How an investor knows if homes or apartments are a better fit for investing 

Whether you should use agents and the MLS to sell

What expired listings are, and how do you get them from realtors

Tactics to maximize profits on each deal

How many deals new investors should consider working with in their first year

How to work with rent-to-own buyers

The types of events investors should be attending to sharpen their skills

The types of coaching and mentor programs that are available

And much more...

May 24, 2018

During this show, you will discover:

Why real estate investments are booming …

Why banks and credit unions won’t provide traditional financing …

Why the SBA can not help …

How to access up to $150,000 in unsecured credit

Which kinds of funding you can get with bad credit …

Which types of funding you can get when you’re a startup

How to get 72 hour funding with business revenue lending and cash advances

How to get cash flow financing without a credit check

How to get merchant cash advances with only $5000 in deposits

How to leverage your stocks and bonds to get securities-based lines of credit

How you can use your 401(k) as loan collateral

How you can use accounts receivable financing to get 80% of your outstanding receivables NOW …

How you can get house reseller financing for up to 100% of the funds you need

Learn simple steps to build business credit that you can get started with right away

Learn how to get vendor credit and use it to your best advantage …

Why trade references matter when it comes to improving your business credit score

How to leverage home improvement store credit to help with your real estate investments and rehabs

How fleet credit can work for your business

How you can qualify for cash credit

How to get HIGH-limit credit cards in your business name

The difference between business credit cards and business credit lines

How crowdfunding can work for your real estate investing

How to find and apply for government grants at the federal, state, and local levels to help pay for your real estate investing with money that you don’t have to pay back

May 22, 2018

Perry Marshall is one of the worlds most expensive and sought-after business consultants.  Clients seek his ability to integrate engineering, sales, art and psychology.  He launched two movements in modern marketing. His Google AdWords books laid the foundations for the $100 billion Pay Per Click industry, and techniques he pioneered are standard best practices. He wrote the world’s best-selling book on web advertising, Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords.  More recently, he’s turned “80/20” into a verb. 80/20 is not just a fact about your business, it’s action you take on your business. 80/20 is the central lever for every great strategy. His book 80/20 Sales & Marketing is mandatory in many growing companies. His books are course material in several business schools.


During This Show We Discuss…

How the 5-step master-strategy to ruling your kingdom can radically transform your business

How to build a multi-million-dollar business by mastering marketing, equity, scale, moat, and castle

The recipe a winning “star” business has that other businesses do not

The roadmap to rapidly grow a business

Mastering your Unique Selling Proposition like Uber has

Benefiting from network effect

Creating feedback loops and understanding power laws

Determining whether you are a price or proposition simplifier

Why self-sustaining networks are the key to owning a business that can sustain through tough times

What 80/20 time is and how it can help you earn $1,000 per hour at least an hour a day

The best way you can make your products irresistible

How you can carve out a niche to be #1 in any industry

What the Espresso Machine principle is and how it can transform your business

How to find small things to change in your business that have a large impact on revenue and profits

And much more…

May 17, 2018

During this show, you will discover …

How to increase the credit limits on all of your business credit cards, including Apple and Dell

How business credit really works

The benefits of building business credit effectively

How to get started in building a credible business which can help you get credit

How to get your business set up with credit reporting agencies

How to get going with starter vendor credit

The names of four great starter vendors

Your requirements for working with starter vendors

How to move onto revolving store credit

How to get a Barclay card Visa with Apple Rewards

Everything you need to provide to get a Barclays Visa card

How to get revolving credit with Dell

Everything you must provide to get revolving credit with Dell

How to get your credit limits raised with Dell and Apple (Barclays)

How to move onto fleet credit and cash credit

Where unsecured business financing fits in

How quickly you can get high limit store credit with both Apple and Dell

May 15, 2018

For the last 20-years, Steve Lowiz has become a globally-recognized entrepreneur, speaker, and educator.  He is no stranger to leading conferences and symposiums to share his insight on entrepreneurial best practices and team management and individual development strategies

From day one, Steve made it his mission to disrupt the HR, Recruitment and Personal Development industry for the better—for good. He continues to make a difference by honing his efforts on proactive and humanistic recruiting strategies, development, and retention.

Over the years, Steve has consistently shared his expertise with countless colleagues, associates, and fellow partners. He has also engaged with leadership teams at Starbucks, Whirlpool, Coca-Cola, Cisco Systems, Miller, Walgreens, among others. In addition, he frequently contributes to leading publications regarding entrepreneurship, recruiting, and strategies to strengthen professional leadership.

Steve founded Qualigence International, the largest recruitment research firm in the U.S., in 1999.  Due to the firms explosive growth, Qualigence was named a Top 50 Company to watch.


During This Show We Discuss…

How much you should expect to invest to get a good hire

The best process to follow to hire someone?

The types of things you should be looking for in an interview with a potential hire

How important what someone wears is to an interview

How many interviews should you should conduct

How often you should conduct employee reviews

The best ways to motivate employees

How hiring and training will change with the newest generation of workers

The best technology to use when acquiring new talent

What is most important, experience or cultural fit

The best ways to retain top talent

The types of performance reviews you should be conducting

How performance review should be conducted

How to go about deciding on potential pay raises

The types of feedback loop you should have for team members

The reasons people leave organizations and how to get them to want to stay

The best things employers should to do retain top talent

And much more...

May 10, 2018

During this show you will discover:

What true lines of credit are, how they work, how they can give you the flexibility you want and need to grow your business … and how and where to get them

6 types of credit lines you can get at conventional banks with super-low rates … and the specific purposes for each so you’ll know which ones work best for you and how to get approved

The fastest way to get a low-interest credit line up to $350,000 for your businesseven when you can’t qualify for conventional bank financing

How to get credit lines from private investors and alternative funding sources that few know about … and how to get long terms and low rates even when banks say “no”

And much more...

May 8, 2018

Thomas F. LaVecchia, MBA is a Digital Marketing Strategist, Author, Influencer and Founder of X Factor Media and New Theory Magazine.  Tom started out his career in sales and quickly became a top-performer in his industry.  He was awarded with over 10 national sales awards in his 15-year sales career. When his outstanding corporate career was suddenly disrupted, Tom found himself jobless and not sure what to do. He wrote a book, The X Factor Selling System, that quickly became a best-seller. He then founded X Factor Media and has been helping others increase their reach through his marketing agency.

During This Show We Discuss…

What the X factor is and how to use it in your business

The steps a business owner can take to find the X factor in your business

How important content is to your digital marketing strategy

The best ways to use one piece of content many places

How to use infographics to expand your marketing

How to use video effectively to market your business

The types of videos that perform best

The type of investment that is required to create production-quality videos

The best digital platforms to use to promote your brand

The top 3 things every website should have

The essentials to get your site to show on Google searches

How SEO can be used for reputation management?

The best ways to retain customers

How to really get engagement on social channels

How social media influencers can help grow a business social media channels

How press-releases can help grow a business exposure

Other types of PR that you can use to grow your business on a budget

When you should get your own app, and how much does it will cost

What Google 360 is, and how to use it to grow your business

And much more...

May 3, 2018

During this show, you will discover …

The best way to get a high limit credit line for your business

What a credit line actually is

The advantages of a business credit line

How you can get other financing, even if your business is a startup

The details behind SBA CapLines

Different kinds of SBA CapLines for seasonal businesses, general contractors and more

The documentation you will need for the SBA Express program

How to get a high limit credit line from a private investor or lender

The documentation you will need for a high limit credit line

How to use your inventory for collateral for business financing

How to get unsecured business credit cards

The approval requirements and rates for unsecured business credit cards

The many advantages of unsecured business financing

The kinds of approvals and rates you can get for unsecured business financing

What your personal credit should be like in order to get unsecured business financing

The differences between consumer credit cards and business credit cards, even if they seem similar

How the qualifications differ for unsecured business financing

How to get an unsecured bank line of credit from an alternative lender

The rates and credit score you will need for this newer type of financing

How to get a revenue credit lending line

The documentation and profit margins lenders want to see

How to get an accounts receivable credit line

The documentation and profits lenders want to see

How to get corporate credit lines

How to get financing for a semi-truck

How to get backlist financing for a bookstore or publisher

And much more…

May 1, 2018

An entrepreneur, Angel investor and founder of Build Live Give, Paul helps corporate escapees to build their dream business.  Paul learnt the importance of thinking global and acting local during his 18-year career at Coca-Cola.  But at the height of it, he needed to take control. See Paul’s inherited condition and corporate didn’t mix.  For five years he worked alone - under delivered financially. This took a huge emotional toll.  He was desperate and joined a mastermind - it worked.  Paul’s self-journey inspired him to create the BLG community, helping corporate escapees to wipe off years of struggle in rapidly growing their dream business.

During This Show We Discuss…

The things that need to be in place for someone to leave their job and grow their own business

4 powerful questions and answers every entrepreneur should know

How to get over the fear of taking the leap to start your own business

How your business can benefit from outsourcing

4 things you need to outsource right now to be a more effective leader

How to discover how your perfect customer really is

How to master the art of selling

How to develop a high-performance team

How to radically increase your personal productivity

The best places to go to find talent to outsource to

How to you pay people you outsource to

The types of tasks outside contractors can do to help your business

The most-effective ways to develop and train a team

3 qualities great leaders should have

The biggest lessons learned from managing teams of 200+

What’s most-effective in boosting sales

The tech platforms that are the most-effective to grow your business

How to surround yourself with the right people

And much more…