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The Business Credit and Financing Show is produced by Credit Suite and hosted by Ty Crandall, business credit expert and best-selling author of Perfect Credit and Business Credit Decoded. Each week we talk about the business growth strategies that matter most to entrepreneurs. Listen in as we discuss the secrets to getting credit cards, loans, and credit lines to start and grow your business, even when you think you can’t get financing at a bank. And enjoy as we talk with seasoned business owners, coaches, influencers, and industry leaders on a variety of business growth strategies from how to market, hire, scale, increase revenue and profit, and the nuts and bolts of running a highly successful business. Listeners leave every 30-60-minute episode with actionable information you can use to start, grow, and fund a highly profitable business.
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Aug 4, 2020

There’s an entire business model that allows you to make money leasing cell towers. In this show, we decode how it works, how to make money leasing cell towers, and all the details you should know to succeed.

About Our Guest:

Hugh Odom is a former AT&T attorney (for over 11 years) and the founder and president of Vertical Consultants, a telecom consulting firm that has provided consulting advice for companies like WalMart, McDonalds and Disney, and governmental institutions like the United States Postal Service; New York Housing Authority; Veteran Affairs; the City of Atlanta and the City of Charlotte. Hugh can share the evolving story of how the telecom industry (services, infrastructure, cell site locations) has and will become more crucial based upon the COVID-19 pandemic and the “new normal” that will result after COVID-19 has run its course. As the founder and President of Vertical Consultants, Hugh wants to demystify not only what is being reported in the news but what is going on behind the scenes inside companies like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Hugh has been a resource to newspapers, podcasts, radio shows, and blogs for years.

During this show, we discuss:

• About a cell tower lease

• 5 pros & cons of using property as a cell tower lease

• Two things you must ask a cell tower company and clarify in order to avoid confusion and being cheated

• Why is it important I understand the dynamics of why your property and why they decided to use a particular space on my property

• 4 steps to take to get a better lease offer

• How the pandemic has affected cell tower leases

• 3 typical mistakes property owners make when negotiating a cell tower lease without a cell tower consultant to help

• 5 benefits of using a consultant for a cell tower negotiation

• 3 important things that impact the value of cell tower contract

• How long is the typical lease on a cell tower

• Amount to earn on a cell phone lease

• How a cell tower increases the value of property

• About a cell tower lease buyout

• How to know if a buyout is the best decision

• Disadvantages of selling a cell tower lease

• 5 important things that the property owner should look out for in the agreement

Jul 30, 2020

During this show, you’ll discover …

✅ We have an amazing 8 kinds of funding any new business can get!

✅ How building business credit can help any business at any stage

✅ How conventional banks aren’t good places for startup funding…

✅ … but there are several options for new businesses

✅ And while SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans are out there…

✅ … the money isn’t infinite – so act FAST!

✅ Play to your and your business’s strengths…

✅ … there is funding to match

✅ How collateral-based loans can help you finance your business

✅ Where securities-based and 401(k)-based financing come in

✅ How to start a business with unsecured financing

✅ The details on unsecured credit cards with good personal or business credit

✅ How easy it is to build business credit…

✅ … including its advantages…

✅ … plus, a blueprint for how to get started with business credit

✅ How you can get federal, state, and local grants

Contact us today to learn about how our hybrid credit line program could help your business (better than crowdfunding or working with angel investors or venture capitalists!) 👉

Jul 29, 2020

Are you financially prepared to survive and thrive during unexpected times?  During this show, John Stoj reveals how to best prepare for the unexpected financially, and what to do to survive and thrive if you weren’t prepared.

About Our Guest:

John Stoj is likely the only Investment Advisor you've ever met who has managed both $3.5 billion and a sushi kitchen. John’s career in finance began on a Wall Street trading floor over twenty-five years ago, with stops at investment & commercial banks, money managers, and even his own hedge fund, and this has uniquely prepared him to see the financial services industry for what it is: flush with companies and professionals far more focused on their own best interests than their customers'.

John believes sincerely that, done well and delivered fairly, good financial advice is more valuable than its cost, and worth buying.

Unfortunately, through his experience, he knows that banks, broker-dealers, insurance companies, etc. do not have their customers’ best interests in mind – they have theirs in mind. On top of that, John brings to the table experience opening, running, and selling a small foodservice business. Nothing breaks you out from the shackles of Wall Street than small business ownership on Main Street.

John enjoys sharing his stories and advice from Wall Street, small business ownership, and (did we mention?) what it’s like to be married to an extremely successful doctor.

During this show we discuss:

• The best way to manage personal and business financial risk during a black swan event

• Two questions you must ask your financial advisor and what you need to know from his reply

• 5 things most financial advisors don’t want you to know

• The greatest financial advisor deceit

• How to successfully create a financial contingency plan for your small business

• 5 tips to avoid financial ruin during an economy downfall

• Steps you can take if your business has suffered a financial blow

• 3 ways to get a good small business loan, right now, with a bad credit score

• What to do about your current business debt

• 5 most damaging kind of debts to have and what should to do about it

• Things you need to know about accessing forgivable loans and when to do when it becomes unforgivable for them

• Three things, that could affect your finances, you should avoid in a volatile market

• The best strategy to build a spending and investment plan for your startup small business

• Expensive investment mistakes startups make

Jul 28, 2020

The IRS takes too much of your money.  And, if you don’t let them, that creates even bigger issues. In this interview Ben Golden reveals how to avoid tax issues all together by proper tax planning. And, he also reveals the many ways to resolve tax issues once they occur.

About Our Guest

Ben Golden is the CEO of Golden Tax Relief, an organization helping individuals and businesses with wage garnishments, delinquent tax returns, bankruptcy, and more. Ben takes the time to carefully review each unique case and develops a thorough plan that will resolve tax problems quickly and efficiently.

Ben felt it was important to open Golden Tax Relief because of his own past experiences with the IRS. In 2012, he had his identity stolen, and someone tried to file his taxes without his knowledge. It took several years, letters, and calls to the IRS, he finally got it straightened out. But what a mess! As an Enrolled Agent, Ben knew how the IRS worked, and yet it was extremely frustrating to know what needed to be done and be unable to get their help. He could only imagine how someone who doesn’t know or understand the IRS must feel. Dealing with the IRS can be terrifying for someone who has never had to do that before.

Ben is passionate about helping people that find themselves in the scary situation of owing the IRS money find peace, protection, and posterity. He looks forward to sharing this helpful information with listeners, and he can also speak knowledgeably about helping businesses apply for Disaster Relief Loans through the Small Business Administration.

During this show we discuss:

• Why people fall behind with taxes

• Three disadvantages of handling your IRS cases yourself

• Three tax resolution methods that can resolve any issue with the IRS

• 7 proven strategies I can use to resolve my IRS tax problems today

• How to identify an IRS scam

• Three ways you can settle your IRS tax debt for less than what you owe

• The difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance

• Four things that are affected by tax evasion that you don’t know about

• Five proven strategies I can use to avoid taxes

• Three things you must do if you are to be audited

• Ten common misconceptions about tax that could get you in tax problems

• About tax lien

• 5 things small business owners don’t know about tax lien

• The three types of alternative dispute and when to use each

• About tax penalties

• 5 most common tax problems faced by small business owners and what you can do about it

• Why tax returns are important

• Four tax preparation tips for small business owners

• When tax affects your credit score

Jul 23, 2020

During this show, you’ll discover …

✔️ How to get inventory financing for e-commerce businesses

✔️ How your online business can get money out of your inventory

✔️ Just how much of our commercial lives have gone online…

✔️ … which makes it possible for e-commerce businesses to do relatively well right now

✔️ For online businesses that need funding…

✔️ … inventory financing could be the answer

✔️ Find out the rates you’ll pay…

✔️ … and how much you can get from inventory financing

✔️ Learn about alternatives to inventory financing for eCommerce businesses

✔️ Such as securities-based financing…

✔️ … and 401(k) financing…

✔️ … and how to use accounts receivable as collateral for funding

✔️ Learn all about how our hybrid credit line program can help your online business

✔️ Get the details on how business credit can fund your eCommerce business

✔️ Learn why inventory financing for eCommerce businesses can be perfect for your online corporation

For more about our credit line hybrid, check out 👉

Jul 22, 2020

Your business card is boring.  But, there’s a new type of digital business card that is often called a “magic card” because it’s so powerful.  In this show we discuss how to get the hottest new form of business card that will make you the life of the party while wildly expanding your database and ability to network.

About Our Guest:

In the late 90s, Pieter Limburg started off as an "internet hustler" with various eBay shops and building tailor-made PCs. In 2004 retail was starting to see online disruption and Pieter turned around an old-fashioned photo camera store from "analog to digital". Building one of the first online & offline hybrid formulas was a big hit and revenue grew quickly.

In 2012 he sold the company and made the switch to 3D Printing Service bureau and Marketplace, Shapeways. At first, taking care of the EMEA supply chain, putting in place management reporting, lower cost and lead-time and scaling from a handful of vendors to 50+ and later joined the MT in NYC to head up Growth, Sales & Business Development.

After almost 6 years at Shapeways, it was time for a change and through some consulting and failed startup projects Pieter stumbled upon RFID and the untapped potential. This led to the launch of Mobilo Card

During this show, we discuss:

• Digital business card

• Things you must add to your digital business card

• How digital business cards create a new and specific tool for lead generation

• Why should businesses consider a digital business card

• How a digital business card help to maximize your online presence

• Using a digital business card help to increase your business opportunity

• What makes a digital business card different from the traditional one

• Advantages of digital business card for your business

• The biggest problem of digital business card

• Do’s and dont's of a digital business card

Jul 21, 2020

In this show, you’ll hear how you can use affiliate marketing to rapidly grow your business.  You’ll discover what affiliate marketing is, how it works, how to use it to rapidly scale your company, and how to do it the right way where you can recruit an army of people to market your company and products for you.

About Our Guest:

Mathieu Jang is a co-founder of Affiliate Institute, one of the world's foremost affiliate marketing education platforms, where he has been a driving force in helping to generate over $100 million dollars in sales. Mathieu, or Jang, as he's often referred to professionally, is a sought after marketing strategist and consultant.

Jang has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs learn to build, optimize and scale their business. With his tutelage, many of his students now have their own successful online businesses that are doing between 6 to 8 figures and enjoy a life of true freedom. Beyond his well-established skills, experience and success, Jang's passion for helping others and shaking up the mainstream education system is abundantly clear in everything he does.

During this show we discuss:

• About affiliate marketing

• Getting started affiliate marketing with $0

• What makes affiliate marketing different from other kinds of ads referrals programs

• 3 steps to follow in order to generate passive income online with affiliate marketing

• The two principles involved in successfully starting as an affiliate marketer

• The best social medium platform to leverage as a startup affiliate marketer

• 3 strategies you can use to earn your first 6 figure online

• Where to find offers if you are new to affiliate marketing

• Three compulsory steps you must take in order to select an offer

Jul 16, 2020

During this show, you’ll discover …

✅ Awesome business funding options for women

✅ How veterans can get funding through V-WISE

✅ What the SBA’s Women’s Business Centers can do

✅ Where to get an Amber Grant

✅ Just how to qualify for an Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant

✅ Exactly how you can qualify for cash flow financing…

✅ … or unsecured business financing

✅ Where collateral-based financing fits into the picture

✅ How you can get funding through the Small Business Administration

✅ What SBA Express is all about

✅ Why alternative lenders can be a smart choice

✅ How microloans work…

✅ … whether they come from the SBA or other microlenders

✅ Even more alternatives to choose from…

✅ … like angel investing…

✅ … venture capital …

✅ … and crowdfunding

Jul 15, 2020

In this show, you’ll hear how you can use patents and trademarks to protect your business.  Discover what patents and trademarks are, how they work, how to get them, and how to use them wisely to protect your most valuable business assets.

About Our Guest Devin Miller:

Devin Miller loves startups! He established his own first startup while earning his Law & MBA degrees. Since then, he’s set up several more startups and enjoyed every minute of it. Devin has a real passion for a new business model.

Devin’s an entrepreneur who is also a patent and trademark attorney.  He’s obtained several degrees including a Law degree (JD) and a Masters in Business Administration. He even have degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mandarin Chinese. While working for a large law firm helping Fortune 100 clients like, Intel, Redhat, and Ford with their intellectual property, he quickly realized that there weren’t many good intellectual property legal resources out there for start-ups and small businesses. As an entrepreneur himself, Devin wanted to help other small business owners learn about patents, trademarks, and copyrights so they can build value into their businesses and protect their assets.

In addition to founding and running his own patent and trademark law firm, Miller IP Law, Devin is the co-founder of several startups including a multi-million dollar startup for wearable glucose monitoring. He also runs a product development company that helps startups and small businesses with developing their ideas and products. 

During this show, we discuss:

● The essential things an entrepreneur should focus on when branding their startup business

● The first step every startup must take to protect their brand and business

● The difference between a patent and trademark

● When to get a patent for your business

● How to enforce a patent as a small business or startup

● Deciding whether to invest in patent or not

● What you do to protect your business incase of an intellectual property rights violation

● 5 Intellectual property pitfalls startup can easily avoid

● What happens when the IP laws clash with antitrust laws

● 3 factors to consider when creating an IP strategy for your startup

● How to protect your IP globally

● 3 important things you need to know about trademarking your business

● 3 misconceptions about trademarking a business

● Things you need to do carefully when filing for copyright

● Three things you can do to build value and safeguard your asset

Jul 14, 2020

HelloWoofy is taking the world by storm with an affordable and easy way to manage multiple social platforms in one place.  In this show we see how technology such as AI is helping business owners increase your organic social reach so you can deliver your message to the world easier and faster.

About Our Guest

Arjun Rai is a NYC based entrepreneur who is on a mission to support small businesses with the power of visualized data science and artificial intelligence for digital marketing at A firm believer that every SMB should have an unfair advantage to compete against unlimite marketing budgets. He has raised from professional investors and personally invested nearly $500,000 in pre-seed VC funding as well as obtained corporate partners (including Fortune 500 companies, such as Microsoft and Google) resulting in over $135,000 in strategic resources.

Since high school, Arjun has been networking with some of the most well known entrepreneurs and even worked on a few projects and startups of his own. Upon graduation, Arjun pursued his career opportunities and came to New York City where he enrolled at the New York Institute of Technology in 2011 with scholarships and grants. Following a few weeks into college, Arjun launched his second startup,, a social media agency focused on small businesses and startups, and a student-focused organization, TheBizDen. Arjun currently lives in New York City with his girlfriend, two cats and a dog. You can find him working from home, doing carpentry, pitching his startup at a meetup or driving around town on his e-scooter.

During this show we discuss:

• How to nearly fail 18 times to find true success

• How to find the right product-market fit

• How to raise money to grow your business

• Why mindset is the key to true business success

• How to use equity crowdfunding to raise money for your business

• How Republic can help you raise money from your network to fund your business

• How to overcome the issues with social media management platforms

• How to find the right emojis on your social channels

• How to use Artificial Intelligence to grow your business

• 3 things you must understand before creating a social presence for your business

• The best social medium for any startup to utilise before expanding to other platforms

• The important tech tools startups can use to expand their online presence

• What a startup can do to survive recession and avoid folding

• The alternative approaches you can use to get funds for your startup

• 5 biggest mistakes startups make when they start out with social media

• How to setup your business social profiles for maximum impact from the start

• 10 ways you can drive sales via social media

• 5 tips you can use to run a business with efficient social media presence

• 5 ways you can grow your social media presence and also build a trusting audience

• 6 marketing trends of 2020 I could use to scale my business

Jul 9, 2020

During this show, you’ll discover …

✅  How to get money from venture capital for your path to recovery

✅  How the coronavirus situation may be freeing up venture capital money for small startup businesses

✅  How the changes in the markets may be opening up venture capital funding…

✅  … and with some foreign investments becoming harder to make…

✅  … VCs may be looking for more local investment opportunities

✅  How the Federal Government is propping up large corporations like VC firms right now…

✅  … and how that could translate into funding later

✅  How VC firms are using their resources to fight COVID-19…

✅  … so they may be looking to invest in the right kinds of companies…

✅  … like delivery and distribution companies…

✅  … and mobile services

✅  And technology companies are always of interest to any venture capitalist or angel investor

✅  How to raise money with private investing

✅  How to take your entrepreneurship to the next level with venture capital investing

✅  Get money for recovery and leave the shutdown behind you

Jul 8, 2020

Cynthia Del’Aria is a startup ninja who helps startups achieve massive success. In this episode, we dive into how startups can succeed and how they can overcome the biggest obstacles that lead many startups to failure. Cynthia shares her action plan on how to focus on the critical factors of success that lead startup founders to grow real businesses that solve real problems. Hear how to solve problems in a way that your customers will become raving fans and you’ll grow a business that can earn you high revenue and profits for many years to come.

During this show, we discuss:

• 4 critical factors for startup success

• The number one reason startups fail in 2020

• How you can find the best concept to build your startup around

• How to effectively manage multiple startup businesses in order to ensure success from all of them

• How to near-guarantee startup success

• How to know if you are building a business that has potential to be viable and longlasting

• 4 risk management strategies startups must know

• Getting in front of the right people at the right time so they know you’re the one that has the right service for them

• About venture capital and 5 things you ought to know about it

• Why you need to understand the VC market and the financing dynamics before mapping out and reaching out to your potential investors

• How to launch a customer-funded startup

• The important issues you ought to address before you put your business up for sale

• How building users persona and narrowing your market focus affect your aim of selling your business

• The right time to sell your business

• What you need to do to get your business ready for sale

• 3 tips to find the right buyer for your business

Jul 7, 2020

David Flores Wilson, CFP, CFA, editor of Planning to Wealth, has a passion for serving as a resource to friends, colleagues and clients. After years of advising individuals on the side, David established Planning to Wealth in an effort to find new ways to better serve his clients and provide accessible, quality financial advice. Providing everything from financial planning tips and wealth management guidance to travel hacks for your next vacation. David aims to be the go to resource for all financial topics and life planning considerations. His financial guidance has appeared on Yahoo!Finance, Investopedia, CNBC, Investment news and others.

In addition to managing his blog, David is a Senior Wealth Manager and financial planner at Watts Capital in New York City where he has been working for over 9 years. There, David advices and coaches business owners and professionals on a broad spectrum of financial matters as they make progress towards their goals and dreams. Prior to joining Watts Capital, David was a VP in Fixed Income Division at Barclays Capital. He received a BS from the University of Berkeley and holds the Certified College Financial Consultant, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Certified Financial Planner designation. David the IMCA Alternative Investments Certificate and completed the Certified Investment Management Analyst certificate program from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

David enjoys traveling, reading Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, yoga and snowboarding.

During this show we discuss:

• The key financial skills people lack when starting up their business

• How to correctly navigate your financial plan when you’re about to launch your business

• 5 things a startup entrepreneur can do to thrive in today’s economic climate

• 5 tips entrepreneurs and startup can use to aid financial management

• Two proprietary investment strategies entrepreneurs can follow to yield financial growth

• Getting started with risk management as a small business owner

• How to correctly manage a sudden windfall in your finances

• How to become proactive with your finances

• All need to know about building an emergency fund for your business

• 3 financial strategies I can use to maximise savings

• Methods you can use to reduce your income taxes and save more

• The smartest financial move entrepreneurs can make in their business

Jul 2, 2020

During this show, you’ll discover …
✅ How getting gas cards for business without a personal guarantee is within reach
✅ How building a fantastic business credit score can happen NOW…
✅ … no matter what the economy is doing …
✅ … or the SBA is doing …
✅ … or the coronavirus is doing
✅ What business credit is…
✅ … and how it matters now more than ever
✅ How you can get excellent fleet gas cards for small business …
✅… no matter how the economy is faring
✅ Get the names of three terrific gas credit cards for your business
✅ All of these gas credit cards report to the big three business credit reporting agencies!
✅ How business credit building can set your business up for the future
✅ Because conditions won’t be like this forever
✅ And check out our Business Credit Builder…
✅ … for even more business credit cards …
✅ … which we KNOW report to the business credit reporting agencies
✅ Get the best cash back credit cards…
✅ … credit card rewards, and more!
✅ You can build business credit now and reap the benefits now AND later
✅ And get gas cards for your business without a personal guarantee

Jul 1, 2020

Stormi Scott is the Business Development Manager for Leverage, a software and education platform designed to help small business owners and property investors make more informed and empowered financing decisions. Stormi began her career at Wells Fargo in 2016 and through hard work and determination, she advanced herself within the banking system and became a Branch Manager at People's United Bank.

During her time in the banking industry, Stormi saw firsthand some of the struggles business owners face when seeking financing and her experiences inspired her to want to help create a system to empower better outcomes for all small businesses seeking financing going forward. With Leverage, Stormi hopes to provide small business owners, entrepreneurs, and property investors an advantage in the financing process - and empower them to start their funding conversation like never before.

During this show we discuss:

● Generating custom result and making better financing decision using tech

● How to use tech to gain leverage before applying for financing

● How to reduce chances of getting declined by not having your application seen as a fraud

● Using tech to get a loan for your small business when the bank has already told you no

● Some of the steps of the lending process you can and should automate in 2020

● How software empowers a commercial borrower

● How you can best prepare yourselves before speaking to a lender

● How to know if your transaction is likely eligible for a loan before you speak to a lender

● The common requirements you need to fulfill when applying for a business loan

● Using tech as a self-service and determine how and what type of funding to get for your business

● Using tech to get corrective actions to improve your transaction numbers and receive commercial funding for your small business

Jun 30, 2020

Steve Watson is a licensed CHRO and tenured CFO. He cracked the benefits nut and helped his company enjoy over $500,000 per year of benefits savings and out-of-pocket costs that are 20% lower for the employees than they were 9-yrs ago—with the same or better benefits.

During this show, we discuss:

• How much it costs to offer insurance to employees

• Why employees can get insurance way easier through their employer

• Using GoodRx to get the lowest price on prescriptions

• How do you find an insurance plan that pays you back when the insurance isn’t used

• How rebate plans work and why you should know about them

• How to break the rising trend of employee health insurance cost

• What you should do if you get a hike in your employee health insurance

• How to know if you are getting the best insurance benefit at the best cost for your employees

• How you can leverage your health plan to drive more value to your business

• 5 myths about the health insurance industry and how it drives up your costs

• How the system stacked against you

• Simple steps you can take to get the best insurance deal for your business and employees

• Why most brokers fail at effectively stopping the hiking prices of HI for small businesses

• 5 key things you can do to drastically lower the cost of any insurance policy

• How to uncover the best insurance strategies for your company based on its goals

• Other insurance that typically hikes its prices affecting the flow of funds for your business

• 5 things you must look out for when considering an insurance plan for your business

• How to effectively tackle insurance challenges in a way that can reap high for your business

Show resources:

Jun 25, 2020

During this show, you’ll discover...

✅  How you can use business credit building as the cornerstone of your post-Coronavirus business recovery plan

✅  Why your recession recovery plan should include business credit

✅  How building business credit will position your business perfectly…

✅  … for when conditions in the economy change again

✅  How business credit establishing can work in your post-COVID-19 business recovery strategy

✅  That even in rapidly changing times, and a pandemic and a recession…

✅  … you can STILL build business credit!

✅  It can be a big part of disaster recovery for your small business

✅  Why it’s a great idea to build business credit RIGHT NOW

✅  How to get started with business credit building

✅  How to build a fundable foundation to get started

✅  The details you need to pay attention to, to maximize your chances of approvals

✅  Why starter vendor credit helps, and how it’s more important now than ever

✅  How you can get low-cost business credit monitoring from us…

✅  … and you can monitor Experian and D&B

✅  When you do and do not need to use your SSN on an application

✅  A look ahead to retail, fleet, and more universal cash credit

✅  How and why responsible credit management will pay off…

✅  … both now and later

✅  Don’t let the economic recovery after recession leave your small business behind

Jun 23, 2020

Kirsty Verity is the CEO of Amazon Businesses and Co-Founder of REAL Coaching, Kirsty radically changed her life from corporate marketing director to entrepreneur. After a 20-year corporate career, she now runs her own successful multimillion-dollar Amazon business and co-founded REAL with Isaac Kuhlman.

REAL is dedicated to coaching Amazon sellers to develop their businesses with the right strategies to achieve their freedom goals. They specialize in taking sellers who are stuck or plateaued in their business and break through to reach the real success they desire. Kirsty is a serial traveller and adventurer and loves to fuel her life with her business.

During this show we discuss:

• How to determine which products to sell on Amazon

• Using Junglescout to find the right products to sell on Amazon

• How to use Alibaba to find the products you want to sell

• How much you may need to invest in products to know if you have a hit

• Why private label will give you better margins

• Why selling on Amazon is better than selling from your own site

• How to get a high ranking on Amazon

• Using Amazon Brand Analytics to rank higher

• Why you shouldn’t advertise your Amazon products on other platforms

• The best way to track your numbers to have better success

• How to get reviews for your Amazon products

• The best time is to use sponsored ads

Jun 23, 2020

Vikram Rajan is the co-founder of, and its new service: Videosocials, the video blogging club for subject matter experts. Vik is a frequent presenter at the NYC Bar Association, and many other lawyer groups around NYC. Vikram was a panelist at the New York State Bar Association conference in January 2018, regarding social media best practices. Vikram’s marketing column was published by the AICPA’s largest newsletter, featured in its Journal of Accountancy. Vik has also been published by Forbes and other publications.


During this show we discuss:

∙ Why you should care about video content marketing on LinkedIn

∙ Tools to create a successful video content on LinkedIn

∙ How to choose the right length of your videos

∙ How to utilize LinkedIn and navigate to success using video

∙ How to grow your LinkedIn platform using video

∙ The significance of video on a professional platform and how to use it to reach your target audience

∙ 5 tips on how to use video to market your business and increase connectivity on LinkedIn

∙ 3 most powerful hurdles beginners and experts alike face when creating and utilizing the LinkedIn video platform

∙ 3 dos and donts for using videos on LinkedIn to engage prospects and increase referral growth

∙ The parallel relationship between YouTube, LinkedIn and content and how to leverage that to grow your business

Jun 18, 2020

During this show, you’ll discover …

✅ All about how the most successful crowdfunding campaigns did it

✅ Valuable resources to help assure campaign success

✅ What crowdfunding is…

✅ … and how it can be a viable funding strategy during COVID-19 and recessions

✅ How crowdfunding works

✅ How Kickstarter and Indiegogo differ…

✅ … and why that matters to your campaign

✅ Get valuable Kickstarter and Indiegogo resources to help your campaign succeed

✅ Learn where to get information to help you with every aspect of a crowdfunding campaign…

✅ … including promoting your project…

✅ … and getting influencers and press coverage…

✅  … and fulfillment for backers

✅  Get successful crowdfunding tips

✅  Just how to be successful in crowdfunding

✅  Plus stats and research to give you objective data on how well your campaign might do

✅  And for more types of business funding, check out our hybrid credit line – 👉

Jun 17, 2020

Kevin Zhang is a 24-year-old serial eCommerce entrepreneur and the CEO of Kreator eCommerce, a global business that features over 60 team members with facilities in 3 countries. Despite starting with only $3,000 saved from a summer job, Kevin achieved acclaim in the world of digital strategy and eCommerce for generating $20 Million in sales in his first year as an entrepreneur. Kevin is sought after as both an investor and strategic advisor for organizations focused on eCommerce.

Aside from his own ventures, Kevin is also active in the world of entrepreneurship education.

During this show, we discuss:

  • How you go from $0 to $20M in sales in one year
  • How to source products to sell online without spending money
  • Why Mr Zhang doesn’t want to build his ecommerce business on Amazon
  • About dropshipping
  • 5 dropshipping strategies I can use to scale my brand this 2020
  • The best ecommerce store for a startup dropshipper to begin
  • How to become a dropshipper without any money
  • About branded niche dropshipping
  • Finding the perfect niche for your dropshipping business
  • Mr Zhang’s unique strategy to branded niche dropshipping
  • The five golden steps to start generating sales for my new ecommerce business
  • How to scale your ecommerce business form 0-6 figures
  • 4 simple strategies to hack facebook ad for financial growth for your ecommerce business
  • 5 core principles of facebook ad strategy
  • How to solve ad and audience fatigue to increase sales on your products
  • Focusing and managing multiple niche effectively
Jun 15, 2020

Martyn has been marketing and selling online since the age of 14 when he learnt to build websites to impress a girl (it didn’t work!). Since then he’s sold everything from dog collars to houses leveraging the internet.

Martyn Co-Founded a Software company, Built multiple 7-Figure Ecommerce Brands, Co-Founded a High-Level Digital Entrepreneur Mastermind that hosts luxury meet-ups around the world, has spoken from stages around the world and still somehow found the time to self-publish two books.

His latest project, , a cognition drink, is on a mission to fortify 1 Billion meals by 2025, helping to tackle the 2 billion person, worldwide malnutrition problem.

Martyn absolutely loves connecting with interesting Entrepreneurs and he regular does that via his Smarter Destiny Podcast and Community.

During this show we discuss:

  • How to scale your e-commerce business to 7 figures and beyond
  • Unlocking the 1% secret to predictably scale your business to unleash compounding growth
  • How to maximize profit potential by improving each step of your customer journey
  • Why a handful of 1% improvements in your business result in over a 300% increase in sales
  • How to build a special community of your raving fans to grow your company
  • Choosing the right product to sell to your audience
  • How to speak to suppliers to get the best deal on products to sell
  • 9 tools you must have to start and successfully run an e-commerce business
  • Choosing the right e-commerce platform for your business
  • Why an email funnel is so important to growing your business
  • 3 mistakes entrepreneurs make when setting up ads for their websites or e-commerce store
  • 5 tactics I can use to increase my e-commerce conversion rate
  • 5 strategies and hacks I can use to boost the sales of my e-commerce business
  • How to improve audience relationship in order to aid product sales
  • Social media communication you should leverage in order to build an active buying audience
Jun 11, 2020

During this show, you’ll discover…

✅  Just how vital it is to keep consistent, congruent records everywhere online and offline

✅  Funding can be difficult during a recession

✅  Fortunately, fundability – the ability of your business to get money – doesn’t change if the economy changes

✅  Fundability helps you get loans and other capital

✅  You can build your business for fundability

✅  Find out where your industry and SIC and NAICS codes fit in

✅  Learn how record uniformity is key

✅  Find out how your business name, address, phone numbers, website, and email all factor into fundability

✅  Learn why your EIN, business entity, licensing, and business entity all make a difference

✅  Find out how your D-U-N-S and BIN numbers are important

✅  Learn how excellent personal credit quality can make you more fundable

✅  Keep your business fundable with monitoring

✅  Find out why you need a business bank account and how you manage your business financials affect fundability

✅  Get to know how vital your business credit history and payment performance are to funding your business

Jun 11, 2020

Paul is the founder of Automation Finance, the world's first asset based investment fund paying target return of 8%. Automation Finance has more than $200M assets under management and has saved 1000+ families from foreclosure. Paul's audience on social media is greater than 5,000 and he is happy to promote the episode to his fans!

Paul has 25 years experience building data-driven businesses in global markets. Prior to launching Automation Finance he repeatedly built multi-billion dollar businesses for PepsiCo and Procter & Gamble in the US, Europe and Asia.

Automation Finance buys non-performing residential mortgages at a discount to par and works with the homeowners to return the loan to performing status. We deliver superior returns and better borrower outcomes by providing homeowners with alternatives to foreclosure


During this show we discuss:


  • About non-performing loan
  • Finding the appropriate NPL to invest in
  • Steps you need to take to buy a non performing loan
  • Best ways to mitigate risks attached with NPL investments
  • How to earn steady returns on your NPL investments
  • How to convert a NPL to a performing loan
  • The guaranty that the funds will earn/ have proceeds sufficient to benefit everyone involved
  • About distressed asset
  • Why you should consider investing in a loan in default that is prone to a number of negative consequences
  • Why you should consider the distressed investments based on trends and expertise
  • 3 mistakes people make when investing in Distressed Assets
Jun 10, 2020

Dr. Travis Zigler is a recovering optometrist turned ecommerce entrepreneur. He is the founder of Eye Love, whose mission is to heal 1,000,000 dry eye sufferers naturally. Dr. Travis and his wife, Dr. Jenna Zigler, use the profits from Eye Love to fund free clinics in Jamaica and the US through their charity, the Eye Love Cares Foundation. Due to the success of Eye Love, others have asked if Dr. Travis would help them grow their business online, and more specifically with Amazon, which is one of his superpowers. Specializing in Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC), Dr. Travis and his team help businesses scale their Amazon sales and help increase brand clout.

During this show we discuss:

  • What you need to get started and set up your own amazon seller account
  • About retail arbitrage and how it works
  • How you can sell using the benefits of benefits
  • Simplest way to use advertisements to increase sales and profit and decreasing amazon costs
  • Three important things to note before getting started with Amazon sponsored products
  • How to structure and set up your amazon ppc campaigns
  • How to do amazon keyword research
  • The biggest amazon ppc challenge and how to overcome it
  • 9 amazon PPC strategies and tips to use in 2020
  • How to use google ads to sell more on amazon
  • How to use shopify to sell more on amazon
  • Why you must research and keep tabs on your amazon competitors
  • The most profitable strategy to use when marketing on amazon
  • Why you should keep close tabs on amazon pricing as opposed to have the lowest prices
  • About search term report on amazon and its importance to a sellers’ business
  • How to easily scale using search term reports on amazon
  • About ‘mining amazon search term’ mean
  • Tools you need to adequately mine amazon search terms
  • About Fulfilment By Amazon
  • Tricks on how to save more money while using FBA
  • The downside of FBA
  • And many more…
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