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The Business Credit and Financing Show is produced by Credit Suite and hosted by Ty Crandall, business credit expert and best-selling author of Perfect Credit and Business Credit Decoded. Each week we talk about the business growth strategies that matter most to entrepreneurs. Listen in as we discuss the secrets to getting credit cards, loans, and credit lines to start and grow your business, even when you think you can’t get financing at a bank. And enjoy as we talk with seasoned business owners, coaches, influencers, and industry leaders on a variety of business growth strategies from how to market, hire, scale, increase revenue and profit, and the nuts and bolts of running a highly successful business. Listeners leave every 30-60-minute episode with actionable information you can use to start, grow, and fund a highly profitable business.
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Sep 15, 2020

Water is the new gold and in this episode, Riggs Eckelberry shows how you can invest in the future while changing the world. 

About Our Guest:

Riggs Eckelberry doesn’t look like a bomb-thrower. And yet, he’s driving the disruption of a trillion-dollar industry that has fallen behind the times and is affecting the health of millions.

Riggs Eckelberry is uniquely qualified to ride the huge wave of do-it-yourself water treatment that is transforming an industry, having learned management in the nonprofit space, captained ocean-going ships, and achieved several tech successes during the dot-com boom.

Ten years after launching public company OriginClear, Riggs and his team are offering those truck-in-place modular systems in the USA, while licensees are building products internationally using OriginClear’s low-energy, chemical-free innovation.

During the interview, we discuss:

● Why is water taken for granted?

● The current state of the world’s water

● The future of water if we didn’t take any action for it

● How water affects businesses

● What Instant Infracture is

● What Water Is The New Gold™ and MergerMarket are

● The ONLY vital scarce and recession-proof market

● What Democratizing Water Investment is

● Why entrepreneurs invest in a democratized water

● How democratized water investment help or save millions of people

● Why there are no alternative investments in water

● How Investor Waterworks

● Why this investment has a Low Default Rate

● How can it help the environment/ planet

Show resources:

Sep 14, 2020

Kuenn McClinton is the owner, editor, and photographer for Elegance on Eighteen Wheels magazine and De-Elegant Model Truck Fleet in Illinois. He started De-Elegant in 1985 with the inspiration of Mr. Ray Miller of Double Eagle Industries in Shipshewana IN, and in 2013 introduced the world to Elegance On Eighteen Wheels magazine.

He had the honor to shoot and to build some of the world’s famous and exotic big rigs in the trucking world.

With a host of rewarding shoots and creations, from Wells Fargo stagecoach teams, Budweiser Clydesdales, and Transformers 2, 3, 4, to creations for NASA, medical research mobile units, movie concept vehicles etc, he has a broad and exciting life adventure

During the show we discuss:

● Starting in a trucking industry

● Getting an inspiration into reality

● Building prototypes for big and famous clients

● Getting into custom pieces

● What Kuenn’s YouTube channel and Magazine goal

● Growing the audience in the social media platform

● The inspiration of Elegance on Eighteen Wheels

● One of the coolest truck so far

● Things to be excited for Elegance on Eighteen

● Meeting new people in the trucking industry

Show resources:

Sep 11, 2020

Justin is a Dump Truck Fleet owner from Cincinnati, Ohio, where he was born and raised.

After years of working on Nitro Fuel cars on the NHRA Top Fuel Circuit, he decided to make a major career change. He bought his first dump truck in 2015, thus the start of Justin Sturgill Trucking.  From that first truck, he knew that he wanted more and build his company up. He is the current owner of 13 Peterbilt dump trucks.

During the show we discuss:

● Making a career change into trucking

● Scaling Peterbilt dump trucks

● Being your own mechanic

● Starting a YouTube channel

● How to run a show

● Gaining massive followers

● Key to growing a loyal tribe of subscribers

● Managing time in business and social media platforms

● Working under pressure

● Biggest failure

● Being a good leader

● Doing what you love and doing your best

● The best part of being an influencer

● Justin’s legacy that he wants to impart

● The worst thing of having a lot of followers

● The help of business credit in building a business

● Improving your credit score

Show resources:

Justin Sturgill Trucking




Sep 10, 2020

During this show, you’ll discover …

✅ How to get funding for minority business owners – even now

✅ How entrepreneurs who are members of minorities can get business funding to grow, survive, and thrive

✅ How it’s not your imagination…

✅ … it truly is tougher for business owners who are members of minorities to get business loans for a minority business enterprise

✅ But there is funding out there

✅ Find grants and loans for entrepreneurs who are…

✅ … female …

✅ … members of native tribes …

✅ … African American …

✅ … and Latinx

✅ There are business grants for women…

✅ … and small business loans for members of any minority group

✅ And that includes money from the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program

✅ Don’t let current conditions stop you from getting financing for your business

✅ Funding for minority business owners can be yours

Sep 9, 2020

Greg is currently CEO and Co-Founder at CareerGig after his digital experience agency, Carousel30, was acquired in 2017. He has worked with some of the world’s top brands, including Coca-Cola, Dell, FedEx, GEICO, Marriott International, MTV, Starbucks, Toyota, and VMware. He currently serves on the University of Richmond’s CX Advisory Board.

Greg’s newest book, The Center of Experience (2020) talks about how customer and employee experience can be operationalized into a cohesive brand experience. Greg’s previous book, The Agile Consumer (2019) explores the most recent shifts in the brand-consumer relationship and how companies must become more agile across their entire operation to remain successful. Greg is a regular contributing writer to Forbes, and has been featured in Advertising Age, SmartCEO, Website Magazine, and The Washington Post.

During the show we discuss:

● How the pandemic affects workforces and businesses

● How the workplace will change over the next decade and how can companies prepare for it

● What a remote workforce is

● The difference between a freelancer and a regular employee

● The misconception that remote work is just a ‘gig’

● The benefits of hiring a freelancer

● All the risks of having remote workforce

● How to decide if you should hire a freelancer

● Things to know before hiring a freelancer

● The difference between hiring a freelancer and a traditional employee

● Kinds of assessments you can do to find the best freelancers

● Doing a background check on Freelancers

● How to manage freelancers efficiently

● Tools to adapt into remote work

● Ways to use gig economy freelancers to transform your business

● How to build a team of freelancers

● How the future workplace needs to adapt

● Transitioning to remote work permanently

● How remote workforce improve diversity and inclusion

Show resources:

Sep 8, 2020

There’s a 5-step process you can master to be in a Zen state and thrive under pressure. In this episode, Dr. Steve Taubman teaches us all 5 steps and how to overcome our mental obstacles to reach once unobtainable levels of success.

About Our Guest:

Dr. Steve Taubman is a bestselling author and world-class speaker who has dedicated his life to show people how to thrive through their challenges. He's written extensively on the application of contemplative practices in stressful situations and has spoken worldwide on mindset mastery for goal-oriented and helping professionals.

Dr. Taubman's works include his bestselling book, UnHypnosis; his sales mastery program, The Magic of Inner Selling; his online productivity masterpiece, Procrastination Annihilation; and his latest book on thriving through stress on life's battlefields, Bulletproof. He's also written hundreds of articles for major publications and has produced specialized hypnotic programs for business professionals to remove mental barriers to success. 

In this show we discuss:

● Why people experience challenges and difficulties

● What makes it hard for people to face adversities

● How to uncover unconditional happiness

● How to reframe to be happy on the current state

● How to reject conditional happiness and control the state of always happy

● How to develop mindfulness

● Steps to overcome adversities

● How to develop a code of conduct to live your life

● How to master focus to get more done and succeed

● How to conquer frustrations by “leaning in”

● Being simultaneously ambitious while filled with Zen-like detachment

● How to improve ourselves when what we do is not working

● How to master adversities

● How to overcome adversities

● How to stay calm in the midst of chaos

● How to easily adapt to changes

● How to reset the mindset for success

● How can challenges and difficulties mold a person

● How can Zen and a positive mindset help a leader

● How to assess business and life

Sep 3, 2020

During this show, you’ll discover …

✅ The details on a look at angel investors

✅ How some angel investors may be looking for financial safe havens…

✅ … and one of them could be your business

✅ How to get angel investing for your business…

✅ … and how it can be easier to get than venture capital

✅ What angel investors are…

✅ … and what they do

✅ The difference between affiliated and unaffiliated angel investors

✅ How to get in touch with unaffiliated angels for your startup company

✅ The sorts of risks and returns angel investors can expect

✅ How your business can get angel investing…

✅ … including how find an angel investors network on the angel investors website…

✅ … plus, more sources of angel investors

✅ A look at the biggest angel investor groups in the United States…

✅ … including specialty angel investor groups

✅ How angel investors vs venture capitalists differ

Sep 2, 2020

Most new businesses fail, and existing businesses often struggle to scale.  Buying business is the solution to both issues because you can get an already-established business that’s cash-flowing and that’s proven itself, and even add it on to your existing business.  During this show Carl Allen maps out the steps to acquire a business to rapidly scale and existing one or buy one instead of starting one from scratch.

About Our Guest:

Carl Allen is a world-class entrepreneur, investor, and corporate dealmaker who has worked on more than 330 transactions worth close to $48 billion. Carl first earned his reputation during his 16 years on Wall Street working for Bank of America, Hewlett-Packard, Forrester, and Gartner. There he advised some of the world’s largest corporations on investments, mergers, acquisitions, disposals, and restructuring. And he helped hundreds of business owners raise both equity and debt financing.

Carl founded Dealmaker Wealth Society (formerly Ninja Acquisitions) because he believes starting a business from scratch is certifiably, BATSH*T CRAZY! He wanted to use his highly specialized skill set to help others realize their dream of self-employment didn’t have to be a long, hard, up-all-night slog with a 96% failure rate in 10-years, according to The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber.

Today he is helping thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world buy existing, profitable small businesses that will immediately put money in their pockets. And best of all — he teaches them how to do this without using a dime of their own capital!

During this show, we discuss:

● Why buy a business instead of starting one

● Why businesses fail and how to succeed

● Why owners sell their businesses and how you can benefit

● People to speak to before buying a business

● How to use network and brokers to find a business to buy

● The value of buying a business rather than starting one

● Where to find businesses to buy

● How to evaluate whether a business is worth buying

● Types of businesses you can buy if you own a business now

● Ways to use partners to run the businesses you buy

● How to use LinkedIn to find people to run the businesses you acquire

● Questions to initially ask every seller to see if you should buy

● Things to look for when finding someone to run your business

Show resources:

Sep 1, 2020

Many people dream of financial freedom, but few people actually obtain it. In this show, Jonathan DeYoe shares with us the tips and path to accomplish the allusive goal of true financial freedom.

About Our Guest:

Jonathan DeYoe has led DeYoe Wealth Management since 2001, where he and his team work one on one with over two hundred families and foundations. Jonathan and his team teach simple steps to financial success and ways to mindfully overcome emotional and cognitive biases related to money.

Jonathan is the founder of Mindful.Money, where he provides keynotes and workshops at conferences and local associations. His team works with businesses to build transparent retirement plan services and financial literacy trainings for employees. Jonathan is passionate about spreading the good news of goal-focused and planning- driven wealth management to help people enjoy better financial outcomes AND happier lives!

Jonathan has been a California-based financial adviser for 24 years. He managed investments at a variety of Wall Street Companies before founding his own financial planning firms. He’s a contributor on personal finance matters for the Huffington Post, Business Insider, NerdWallet, and MindBodyGreen. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Jonathan is a longtime Buddhist, who has practiced meditation for 25 years. He lives in Berkeley with his wife and two children.

During this show we discuss:

● 4 Ps of finance and how to use them to accomplish your financial goals

● How to set financial goals and accomplish them

● How to develop financial plan based on what makes you the happiest

● The thing that makes 401k amazing that you can duplicate with other investments

● How to prevent SB 401(k) from being eliminated due to the falling economic market

● Other options you have to make sure your retirement plan isn’t on hold If your 401(k) is terminated

● Ownership in companies as a key to financial freedom

● How to develop financial goals

● How to plan to reach goals

● Why diversification in investing is important

● Why have a clear retirement goal

● How to develop healthy habits for financial goals

● 5 tips to consider when planning for your retirement finances

● 5 ways to boost my retirement savings

● Why planning becomes harder for this generation

Show resources:

Aug 27, 2020

During this show, you’ll discover …

👉 The many options in financing the SBA has to respond to the coronavirus situation

👉 Learn all about the SBA Paycheck Protection Plan

👉 Find out if you are eligible to apply…

👉 … plus learn the terms and other details

👉 Find out where to apply…

👉 … and how to get loan forgiveness

👉 Get the lowdown on Economic Injury Disaster Loans…

👉 … and SBA Debt Relief

👉 Learn about the SBA Express Bridge Loan Pilot Program

👉 Find out about other financing options…

👉 … like our credit line hybrid…

👉 … or cash flow financing…

👉 … or asset-based financing

👉 And don’t forget about business credit!

Aug 26, 2020

Most people avoid tough conversations. By, my embracing tough conversations, you can reach once unobtainable levels of success in all aspects of your life. In this show, David Wood shares how you can become a tough conversation ninja by following 4 simple steps.


About Our Guest:


Afterlife as a consulting actuary to Fortune 100 Companies, David Wood built the world’s largest coaching business becoming #1 on Google for “life coaching” and serving an audience of 150,000 coaches, and coaching thousands of hours in 12 countries around the globe.


He is the author of “Get Paid For Who You Are,” with a foreword by Jack Canfield. He was nominated to the Transformational Leadership Council alongside such thought leaders as Don Miguel Ruiz, John Gray, and Marianne Williamson.


David believes that the tough conversations we avoid, are our doorways to confidence, success, and love. They become defining moments that shape our world. He coaches high performing entrepreneurs, executives, and teams - and now prison inmates - to create amazing results and deep connection. One tough conversation at a time.


During the show, we discuss:


● Why people avoid speaking up

● Why people need to speak up their truth

● Recognizing tough conversations

● The 4-step model to tough conversation

● What CARE Model is

● How to master CARE Model

● Why people should have tough conversations

● Why people avoid tough conversations

● Tough conversation topics people avoid

● Typical conversations people dread at work that could make a huge difference to career and life

● How to find our tough conversations

● When do tough conversations go bad

● How CARE Model helps with business


Show resources:

Aug 25, 2020

Most people don’t have enough money to retire when they want to.  In this show Eric D. Brotman reveals how to disregard retirement and focus on graduating instead.  Eric shares his insider knowledge on how to achieve true financial freedom, no matter the stage of life you’re in now.


About Our Guest:

Eric D. Brotman is Chief Executive Officer of BFG Financial Advisors, and independent firm assisting clients with wealth creation, preservation, and distribution. Eric has over 25 years of experience in financial planning and founded the firm in Baltimore in 2003. BFG provides investment, retirement, estate, insurance, and comprehensive financial planning services for families, professionals, executives, and business owners.

Eric is host of the Don’t Retire… Graduate! Podcast, which is dedicated to teaching listeners how to advance into retirement rather than retreating into it. Every episode provides listeners with inspiration and actionable advice to guide each of them towards a seamless transition into a dignified retirement. His new book ‘Don’t Retire, Graduate’ is due to be published in April 2020 and discusses similar themes to the podcast.

Eric appears regularly on television on 11 News Sunday Morning on WBAL in Baltimore and has written articles for numerous print and online media outlets. As a sought-after speaker, Eric frequently gives seminars and workshops for companies, membership organizations, and fellow financial advisors.


During the show, we discuss:

● About Don’t Retire… Graduate!

● Why people need to retire

● Things that successful retirees have in common

● Ideal age for retirement

● Preparing for retirement

● Steps to take for financial independence

● When to start saving for retirement

● How to get out of debt

● How people can afford to retire

● Working in retirement

● What you can expect after retirement

● Things or activities to do after retirement

● Preventing yourself from outliving your money


Show resources:

Aug 20, 2020

During this show, you’ll discover …

✅  Why better business funding can be yours

✅  How our hybrid credit line can get you the money you need to ride out this unprecedented COVID-19 storm

✅  The world is changing rapidly

✅  Conditions are constantly in flux

✅  But it’s an amazing time to get business funding

✅  Interest rates have never been better

✅  You can get better business funding than you ever dreamed of!

✅  Your business funding options are unprecedented

✅  Consider our credit line hybrid…

✅  … it’s unsecured…

✅  … and your small business can get terrific cash out of this program

✅  Learn how the SBA’s loans and disaster relief have money to give to small businesses

✅  Find out why you need to act FAST

✅  How online lending can be a great alternative

✅  Business loans for startups and preexisting businesses are out there

✅  Which online lenders to go to if you need cash fast…

✅  … or don’t have a very high personal credit score…

✅  … or not a lot in annual revenues

✅  How a guarantor or collateral can make approval more likely…

✅  … and how to use even stocks as loan collateral

✅  Get funding for business now

Aug 19, 2020

Getting a college degree requires a lot of time and money. In this episode, Grant Aldrich shows how you can get your degree at a fraction of the cost and time.  Find the right college for you, take courses for free, test out of other courses, and get your degree quickly and affordably even if you’re working full-time or running a successful business.

About Our Guest:

Grant Aldrich founded with a purpose-driven mission: make college more accessible and affordable for everyone. After graduating college with an overwhelming amount of debt, he was determined to change how students embark on their college education. Grant has spent his entire career working in startups with nearly 15 years of experience and 2 prior exits to a publicly-traded

company. He has been a board member and donor to a number of non-profits, an advisor to many publicly traded companies, and a guest speaker at seminars and graduate school courses. He graduated with honors from the University of California Irvine in Economics.

During this show we discuss:

● How to earn a degree while running a business without failing on both ends

● Getting a degree online

● Why people aren’t getting degrees

● How to get college courses for free

● How to run a business while part-timing in college without breaking the bank for either

● How to get a degree on your timetable

● Reducing the number of courses to get a degree

● How to take the courses you want to take and get your degree

● How to test your way out of courses and still get the credit

● How to radically reduce your cost to get a college degree

● How to get your student loan forgiven

● How to access all types of private and public schools in one place

● How to get a massive discount on college classes

● The most popular degrees that people are pursuing now

How to pay for college tuition without taking too much loan from the government

● 3 things to take into consideration when financially planning for college

● How to earn units to be used to shorten time at the university for free

Show resources:

Aug 18, 2020

Brian is a computer scientist, entrepreneur, and angel investor. Brian currently serves as Chairman of Gillware, which provides cyber risk assessments, data recovery, incident response, and digital forensics services. He is a co-founder of Phoenix Nuclear Labs and served on PNL’s board from inception to when it decided to spin-off SHINE Medical Technologies. Those two companies have raised over 100 million dollars of venture capital and employ hundreds of people in Wisconsin.

During this interview, we discuss:

● What’s happening now with the cybersecurity

● What is ransomware

● What you should be doing to protect yourself against ransomware

● How bad guys infiltrate your network and access your information

● How to protect yourself from hackers

● What user authentication is and why it’s important

● How to best protect your login credentials

● How to create multiple levels of user authentication

● Why Google Authenticator is one of the best ways to protect yourself

● Why getting an email to validate your login won’t protect you

● Why hackers hack

● The different ways hackers use to hack you and how to prevent it

● How someone can gain root access to your system and how to stop them

● Which is safer, Mac or PC?

● Which is a safer Apple or Google phone?

● What a YubiKey is it and why you should use it

● How to find the right

Aug 13, 2020

During this show, you’ll discover …

✅  All about 5 vendors who can help you build business credit – in a recession

✅  Exactly how to get approved with no personal credit check or guarantee

✅  How the world is changing, but you can still build business credit!

✅  How business credit is built – even in a recession

✅  How you’ll be denied if you try with your bank first

✅  How to build trade lines to establish a business credit foundation

✅  The typical terms for starter vendor credit accounts

✅  How vendor credit leads to revolving and more credit

✅  And how retail credit leads to business credit not requiring a personal guarantee

✅  How some vendors have a time in business requirement

✅  How starter vendor accounts will give you the means to grow your business credit

✅  Five proven companies which will give you vendor accounts AND report to the big credit reporting agencies

✅  The correct process you MUST follow for each of these five vendors to give your business vendor credit

✅  How to easily find these five proven companies online

✅  How to get approved with no personal credit check or guarantee

✅  What a payment experience is, and how many you need to move onto store credit

✅  How to make sure a credit provider pulls your BUSINESS credit scores and NOT your PERSONAL credit scores when you apply

Aug 12, 2020

Many business owners lose countless hours manually tracking their employee’s hours and the hours they bill to customers. But there’s a much faster and easier way to track expenses and time. In this interview, Marc Summe shows us the easiest way to track time and expenses saving organizations a lot of money in the process

About our Guest:

Marc Summe is the CEO of Minute7, which does time and expense tracking for professional service businesses.  Minute7 helps professionals service businesses get paid faster from their customers.  The company is bootstrapped and has thousands of users. The company doubled its revenue last year.  

Prior to Minute7 Marc worked in finance and private equity.  He met a lot of successful entrepreneurs along the way before deciding to make the leap himself.  He walks to the office every day and loves the autonomy that comes with running your own business.  

In his younger days, Marc had ambitions for comedy and completed training at Second City in Chicago.  Now he lives in the suburbs and has three kids under the age of 5.

During the show, we discussed:

• Reasons why tracking expenses is important

• Wrong-way of tracking expenses and how to fix it.

• About Minute7

• How Minute7 is different from other applications

• How Minute7 help businesses

• Features and benefits of Minute 7

• How Minute7 works

• The time and money you can save with Minute7

• Why businesses need a time tracking system

• The need to track time

• What the system does once it starts tracking time

• What to do when an employee forgot to clock in or out

• Using Minute7 to prevent time theft

• Auditing data

• Tracking who edited the data

• How Minute7 help with payroll

• Setting the rate of an employee

• Keeping up with reimbursements and other invoices

• Devices we can use for Minute7

• Customizing Minute7

• Security measures that Minute7 offer

Show resources:

Aug 11, 2020

Sean Castrina is a bestselling author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He lost his dream job 25 years ago and decided he would never be dependent on an employer for his financial security again. He became a millionaire at 36 years old by becoming a serial entrepreneur, starting more than 20 companies, and currently running nine companies. Now, Sean devotes his time to equipping entrepreneurs for success, authoring bestsellers like The Greatest Entrepreneur in the World and 8 Unbreakable Rules for Business Startup Success. His newest book, The World's Greatest Business Plan, helps people by providing a simple step-by-step plan for those who cannot afford to fail. He has contributed to some of the most recognized media outlets including Forbes, Inc., Yahoo Finance, MSNBC, as well as guest lectured at some of America’s finest colleges.

During the show, we discussed:

• Starting a business

• Things to know before starting a business from scratch

• Importance of having a business plan

• Importance of having a coach

• Ways to improve entrepreneurial skills

• Entrepreneurs as good leaders

• Things to expect when starting a business

• Reasons why startups fail

• Choosing the right partners

• Finding the right partners

• Things you need to have for a successful business

• Kinds of businesses that are mostly to be successful

• Qualities of successful entrepreneurs

• Mistakes startup entrepreneurs make

• Maintaining the success of a business

Show resources:

Aug 6, 2020

During this show, you’ll discover …

✅  How veterans can get business capital…

✅  … and all of the business funding for veterans options there are

✅  The kinds of awesome business funding for veterans there is out there

✅  How veterans are getting into the small business game more and more these days

✅  How the SBA Veterans Advantage program can help

✅  What the Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (MREIDL) is all about…

✅  … and how it provides small business loans for veterans

✅  How SBA Coronavirus Disaster Relief can work for veterans under the CARES Act

✅  We show you how to qualify for an SBA loan

✅  How to sign up for the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Concern program

✅  How to apply for grants through the StreetShares Foundation

✅  Get to know the kind of funding you can get from the StreetShares Veteran Small Business Award…

✅  … and the StreetShares Female Founders Veteran Small Business Award Grant Program

✅  How collateral-based funding can help

✅  Why our hybrid credit line program could be perfect for all of your business funding for veterans needs

✅  What our credit line hybrid program is all about

✅ How to get help from the Boots to Business | Reboot program via the Department of Defense

Aug 5, 2020

Most people have heard of compounding interest, but is your money really doubling every 7 years as it could be?  In this show, Curtis Ray talks about his 6 years of research into compounding interest and reveals the best way to get your money to safely and securely double every 7 years using the lost science of compounding interest.

About Our Guest:

Curtis Ray founded SunCor Financial, LLC, and serves as the President and CEO.

By bringing awareness about the 5 Rules of Wealth, Curtis is helping hardworking people, from all walks of life, to maximize retirement income through discipline, secure leverage, and achieve Exponential Growth. He designed and developed the patent pending MPI™ Strategy (Maximum Premium Indexing) to accomplish all 5 Rules of Wealth simultaneously, thereby solving the riddle of investing, and increasing retirement income by up to 400%.

Throughout his life, Curtis has been a serial entrepreneur and inventor. With a passion to take on issues that some accept as the status quo, Curtis solves inefficiencies with entirely new approaches.

During the show, we discussed:

• How to always be compounding

• The 5 rules of wealth

• Paying yourself first

• Saving 10% of your income

• Developing a financial plan and how to commit to it

• How to double your money every 7 years

• The safest way to protect your money

• The MPI strategy

• How to invest in MPI to get maximum benefits

• The definition of financial freedom

• Achieving financial freedom

• Defining IUL

• IUL costs

• Rate of return of an IUL

• IUL as a better retirement vehicle than others

• Benefits of purchasing an IUL

• How the Rules of Wealth help with the exponential growth curve

• Compounding as a key for long-term growth

• Securing compound interest

Show resources:

Aug 4, 2020

There’s an entire business model that allows you to make money leasing cell towers. In this show, we decode how it works, how to make money leasing cell towers, and all the details you should know to succeed.

About Our Guest:

Hugh Odom is a former AT&T attorney (for over 11 years) and the founder and president of Vertical Consultants, a telecom consulting firm that has provided consulting advice for companies like WalMart, McDonalds and Disney, and governmental institutions like the United States Postal Service; New York Housing Authority; Veteran Affairs; the City of Atlanta and the City of Charlotte. Hugh can share the evolving story of how the telecom industry (services, infrastructure, cell site locations) has and will become more crucial based upon the COVID-19 pandemic and the “new normal” that will result after COVID-19 has run its course. As the founder and President of Vertical Consultants, Hugh wants to demystify not only what is being reported in the news but what is going on behind the scenes inside companies like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Hugh has been a resource to newspapers, podcasts, radio shows, and blogs for years.

During this show, we discuss:

• About a cell tower lease

• 5 pros & cons of using property as a cell tower lease

• Two things you must ask a cell tower company and clarify in order to avoid confusion and being cheated

• Why is it important I understand the dynamics of why your property and why they decided to use a particular space on my property

• 4 steps to take to get a better lease offer

• How the pandemic has affected cell tower leases

• 3 typical mistakes property owners make when negotiating a cell tower lease without a cell tower consultant to help

• 5 benefits of using a consultant for a cell tower negotiation

• 3 important things that impact the value of cell tower contract

• How long is the typical lease on a cell tower

• Amount to earn on a cell phone lease

• How a cell tower increases the value of property

• About a cell tower lease buyout

• How to know if a buyout is the best decision

• Disadvantages of selling a cell tower lease

• 5 important things that the property owner should look out for in the agreement

Jul 30, 2020

During this show, you’ll discover …

✅ We have an amazing 8 kinds of funding any new business can get!

✅ How building business credit can help any business at any stage

✅ How conventional banks aren’t good places for startup funding…

✅ … but there are several options for new businesses

✅ And while SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loans are out there…

✅ … the money isn’t infinite – so act FAST!

✅ Play to your and your business’s strengths…

✅ … there is funding to match

✅ How collateral-based loans can help you finance your business

✅ Where securities-based and 401(k)-based financing come in

✅ How to start a business with unsecured financing

✅ The details on unsecured credit cards with good personal or business credit

✅ How easy it is to build business credit…

✅ … including its advantages…

✅ … plus, a blueprint for how to get started with business credit

✅ How you can get federal, state, and local grants

Contact us today to learn about how our hybrid credit line program could help your business (better than crowdfunding or working with angel investors or venture capitalists!) 👉

Jul 29, 2020

Are you financially prepared to survive and thrive during unexpected times?  During this show, John Stoj reveals how to best prepare for the unexpected financially, and what to do to survive and thrive if you weren’t prepared.

About Our Guest:

John Stoj is likely the only Investment Advisor you've ever met who has managed both $3.5 billion and a sushi kitchen. John’s career in finance began on a Wall Street trading floor over twenty-five years ago, with stops at investment & commercial banks, money managers, and even his own hedge fund, and this has uniquely prepared him to see the financial services industry for what it is: flush with companies and professionals far more focused on their own best interests than their customers'.

John believes sincerely that, done well and delivered fairly, good financial advice is more valuable than its cost, and worth buying.

Unfortunately, through his experience, he knows that banks, broker-dealers, insurance companies, etc. do not have their customers’ best interests in mind – they have theirs in mind. On top of that, John brings to the table experience opening, running, and selling a small foodservice business. Nothing breaks you out from the shackles of Wall Street than small business ownership on Main Street.

John enjoys sharing his stories and advice from Wall Street, small business ownership, and (did we mention?) what it’s like to be married to an extremely successful doctor.

During this show we discuss:

• The best way to manage personal and business financial risk during a black swan event

• Two questions you must ask your financial advisor and what you need to know from his reply

• 5 things most financial advisors don’t want you to know

• The greatest financial advisor deceit

• How to successfully create a financial contingency plan for your small business

• 5 tips to avoid financial ruin during an economy downfall

• Steps you can take if your business has suffered a financial blow

• 3 ways to get a good small business loan, right now, with a bad credit score

• What to do about your current business debt

• 5 most damaging kind of debts to have and what should to do about it

• Things you need to know about accessing forgivable loans and when to do when it becomes unforgivable for them

• Three things, that could affect your finances, you should avoid in a volatile market

• The best strategy to build a spending and investment plan for your startup small business

• Expensive investment mistakes startups make

Jul 28, 2020

The IRS takes too much of your money.  And, if you don’t let them, that creates even bigger issues. In this interview Ben Golden reveals how to avoid tax issues all together by proper tax planning. And, he also reveals the many ways to resolve tax issues once they occur.

About Our Guest

Ben Golden is the CEO of Golden Tax Relief, an organization helping individuals and businesses with wage garnishments, delinquent tax returns, bankruptcy, and more. Ben takes the time to carefully review each unique case and develops a thorough plan that will resolve tax problems quickly and efficiently.

Ben felt it was important to open Golden Tax Relief because of his own past experiences with the IRS. In 2012, he had his identity stolen, and someone tried to file his taxes without his knowledge. It took several years, letters, and calls to the IRS, he finally got it straightened out. But what a mess! As an Enrolled Agent, Ben knew how the IRS worked, and yet it was extremely frustrating to know what needed to be done and be unable to get their help. He could only imagine how someone who doesn’t know or understand the IRS must feel. Dealing with the IRS can be terrifying for someone who has never had to do that before.

Ben is passionate about helping people that find themselves in the scary situation of owing the IRS money find peace, protection, and posterity. He looks forward to sharing this helpful information with listeners, and he can also speak knowledgeably about helping businesses apply for Disaster Relief Loans through the Small Business Administration.

During this show we discuss:

• Why people fall behind with taxes

• Three disadvantages of handling your IRS cases yourself

• Three tax resolution methods that can resolve any issue with the IRS

• 7 proven strategies I can use to resolve my IRS tax problems today

• How to identify an IRS scam

• Three ways you can settle your IRS tax debt for less than what you owe

• The difference between tax evasion and tax avoidance

• Four things that are affected by tax evasion that you don’t know about

• Five proven strategies I can use to avoid taxes

• Three things you must do if you are to be audited

• Ten common misconceptions about tax that could get you in tax problems

• About tax lien

• 5 things small business owners don’t know about tax lien

• The three types of alternative dispute and when to use each

• About tax penalties

• 5 most common tax problems faced by small business owners and what you can do about it

• Why tax returns are important

• Four tax preparation tips for small business owners

• When tax affects your credit score

Jul 23, 2020

During this show, you’ll discover …

✔️ How to get inventory financing for e-commerce businesses

✔️ How your online business can get money out of your inventory

✔️ Just how much of our commercial lives have gone online…

✔️ … which makes it possible for e-commerce businesses to do relatively well right now

✔️ For online businesses that need funding…

✔️ … inventory financing could be the answer

✔️ Find out the rates you’ll pay…

✔️ … and how much you can get from inventory financing

✔️ Learn about alternatives to inventory financing for eCommerce businesses

✔️ Such as securities-based financing…

✔️ … and 401(k) financing…

✔️ … and how to use accounts receivable as collateral for funding

✔️ Learn all about how our hybrid credit line program can help your online business

✔️ Get the details on how business credit can fund your eCommerce business

✔️ Learn why inventory financing for eCommerce businesses can be perfect for your online corporation

For more about our credit line hybrid, check out 👉

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