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The Business Credit and Financing Show is produced by Credit Suite and hosted by Ty Crandall, business credit expert and best-selling author of Perfect Credit and Business Credit Decoded. Each week we talk about the business growth strategies that matter most to entrepreneurs. Listen in as we discuss the secrets to getting credit cards, loans, and credit lines to start and grow your business, even when you think you can’t get financing at a bank. And enjoy as we talk with seasoned business owners, coaches, influencers, and industry leaders on a variety of business growth strategies from how to market, hire, scale, increase revenue and profit, and the nuts and bolts of running a highly successful business. Listeners leave every 30-60-minute episode with actionable information you can use to start, grow, and fund a highly profitable business.
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Dec 31, 2019

Engelo Rumora, the “Real Estate Dingo” is easily the most energised Australian man on the planet. He’s a successful property investor, motivational speaker, and serial entrepreneur who quit school at the age of 14 and played professional soccer at 28. To date, Engelo has been involved in well over 500 Real Estate deals equating to over $50 million worth of transactions along with successfully founding and running 5 businesses in Ohio, giving houses away to those in need and publishing his upcoming book The Raw Truth to Success in Real Estate.

Engelos philosophy has brought his most successful business thus far, Ohio Cashflow to the 2018 Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies. There, Engelo and his team specialize in providing turnkey properties in the Toledo market while emphasizing quality over quantity and building long term relationships with its investors. Engelo’s newest and soon to be most prominent venture is List n Sell Realty, a real estate brokerage also based in Toledo, Ohio. List n Sell Realtys mission is to revolutionize the way all real estate transactions are done with a completely virtual experience for buyers, sellers and real estate agents.

During this we discussed…

  • The advantage newbies to real estate have
  • The importance of a partner in real estate investing
  • The most important question an investor should ask before patterning with anyone
  • Strategies to successfully flip any property
  • The most effective way to invest in real estate
  • 10 things you should know about buying distressed properties
  • What makes a killer deal you must take advantage of
  • 8 ways to find properties to buy
  • What you to need know about doing the rehab work to save money
  • When to know it’s best to find others to do the rehab work
  • The type of properties you should focus on buying
  • How to find investors to sell the properties to once it’s ready
  • Where in the country you should be buying
  • How to know how much to sell the properties for
  • The types of properties to focus on buying
  • How to know whether you should buy and hold or fix and flip
  • The biggest mistakes investors make
  • How to get the capital to invest
Dec 26, 2019

During this show, you will discover …

• How to correctly and legally leave your Social Security Number off a business credit application
• That having an EIN does not guarantee your business credit is established
• That it does not mean your business is fundable
• That lenders may want a personal guarantee…
• …. but learn why you should not give out one
• How vendor credit can help you get rolling…
• … and enhance your business fundability
• What typical terms are for trade accounts
• When and why to ask for credit limit increases
• How to effectively leave your SSN off a credit application …
• … without committing a felony
• What a payment experience is
• The names of three reliable, trusted vendors which will approve you …
• … and report to one or more of the business credit reporting agencies

Dec 24, 2019

Shaan Patel closed a $250K deal with billionaire Mark Cuban for a 10% investment in Prep Expert. Within 6 months, the company went from $600K to $4M and is now worth $20M. Prep Expert offers SAT & ACT courses based on Shaan’s methods to raise his own SAT score from average to perfect. Shaan completed his medical degree and is now a Doctor. He is a dermatology resident physician at Temple University and received a B.A. in Biology from the University of Southern California on a full-tuition scholarship, an M.D. from the University of Southern California, and an M.B.A. from Yale University.

During this show we discuss…

  • What being on Shark Tank is really about
  • Why Shark Tank is one of the best marketing methods in the world
  • When to decide your idea is worth taking to Shark Tank producers
  • The process of getting on Shark Tank
  • The secret ingredient for getting on the show
  • The types of companies they want to see on the show
  • Why confidence drives success in business and getting on the show
  • Producing the best video audition that will get you on the show
  • Preparing to get in front of the Sharks
  • How Sharks interview you for hours and it gets reduced to the minutes you see on the show
  • The info the sharks have before you walk in the door
  • What’s involved in the due diligence process looks like to get an actual deal
  • How much the exposure of being on Shark Tank help grow the business
  • How to continue to grow a successful business well after the show aired
  • How the sharks help you dial in marketing that really works
  • Deciding how to use Shark Tank funds to quickly grow your business
  • The biggest lessons learned from Mark Cuban
  • Why protecting your time is so important
  • The power of saying “no”
  • How to find and pursue your passion
Dec 19, 2019

During this show, you will discover …

•How Equifax calculates the scores that decide if your business will get money…
•… or not
•Where Equifax gets its data from…
•… and it feels is most important
•What all of those numbers mean
•How far back the data goes
•Which information is compared to your industry peers
•How to most effectively improve your Equifax report
•What the 2017 Equifax data breach means to you…
•… and whether you should get a credit freeze to protect your identity

Dec 17, 2019

Charles Alexander’s mission in life is to help busy professionals stand out in a crowded marketplace that is filled with “me too” advisors. He does this by creating story-based Explainer Videos for busy professionals, like Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, or anyone else that is in an advisory role, that helps them explain what they do and show personality.

In addition to creating content for busy professionals, Charles is also the Director of the

Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC) at Volunteer State Community College, where he provides one-on-one business coaching and teaches seminars to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Working with over 1,000 entrepreneurs has helped

him become a polished content creator that uses humor and real world experiences to educate others.

Lastly, and most importantly, he is happily married to his wife Sarah and is the proud father of three lovely children, Ava, Lilly and Lane

During this show we discuss:

  • The productiveness of video marketing to in business regardless of the short attention span of many individuals
  • Creating a unique video content that stands out to your audience
  • The most innovative way to increase leads in a competitive market
  • Mistakes people make when creating their videos that affects the quality of the video and in turn, the ROI
  • The different types of videos and how to know what works for your business
  • The smartest way to jumpstart your video marketing
  • How to guarantee an ROI with your videos
  • What to keep in mind when creating any video in order to increase hot leads
  • 3 ways people destroy their video marketing
  • 3 dos and don’ts of creating videos in my niche
  • The major reason you are not getting any referrals from your videos
  • The smartest way to increase referrals
  • Increasing sales without new customers
  • What to consider whenever you want to repurpose a video content
  • Importance of including a CTA in your videos
  • Utilising your video content using email marketing
  • How to productively market your videos on YouTube

The best way to utilise your videos on LinkedIn

Dec 13, 2019

Dan Kryzanowski is an active real estate investor and fundraiser, leveraging Self- Directed accounts - SDIRA and Solo 401(k) - to create a diversified real estate portfolio yielding double-digit returns. He specializes in self-storage investments, multi-family and hard money residential property loans. Dan has personally raised millions of dollars from family offices and individuals, and empowered his partners to raise seven-figures on multiple occasions. Dan serves as Executive Vice President at Rocket Dollar, unlocking the $10T pool of untapped retirement assets for the real estate community. He is also a Capital Partner for Pinnacle Storage Properties and Corporate Board President for Hugh O’Brian Youth Central Texas. Dan, a Wharton graduate, previously led commercial real estate initiatives for GE Capital in Mexico and South America.

During this show we discuss…

  • What securing your retirement with ‘unlimited’ investment options is about
  • How to secure your retirement with unlimited investment options
  • About self-directed solo 401k
  • The benefits of using a self-directed solo account for your retirement investment
  • Tax advantages attached with the self-directed solo account
  • Why you should handle your self-directed solo account online
  • 3 dos and don’ts of a self-directed solo account
  • How powerful self-directed IRA’s are in a retirement plan
  • The smartest way to invest in crypto currency with a self-directed IRA account
  • Leveraging a retirement account with non-recourse finance
  • The types of self-directed accounts you should invest in
  • The best investment strategy to get others to invest in your business
  • How to help others invest in your business using retirement accounts with no penalties
Dec 12, 2019

During this show, you will discover …

• Why keeping your records congruent and consistent everywhere can make the difference between getting business funding …
• … or not
• What fundability is and how much of it is in your power
• Where your industry, business name and address, phone and fax numbers, all figure in
• How your bank account helps make you more fundable…
• … and helps extend your time in business
• Why your business entity and EIN matter …
• … and what to do about risky SIC and NAICS codes
• How your business website and email make a difference
• Why you need all of your business licenses
• How setting up with the business credit reporting agencies helps
• What a business data agency wants with your information
• How your business credit history plays a part
• Why your business information must be consistent and congruent everywhere
• How your personal financials and personal credit history fit in the picture

Dec 10, 2019

Katherine Liola learned early that helping clients understand why they’re making the decisions they make, and aligning their investment strategies with values-based life choices, helps them achieve their financial goals with confidence and clarity.

A sought-after industry speaker, Katherine has also been quoted in several national publications, including the Wall Street Journal and InvestmentNews. Most recently,

Katherine collaborated with CNBC as part of their financial literacy project, Invest in You: Ready. Set. Grow

During this show we discuss…

  • The financial gains attached when you align your values and goals with your decisions
  • How to optimise your wealth to gain financial freedom
  • Apart from markets and algorithms, what you need to pay attention to in your financial management
  • 3 mindsets that aid in achieving financial goals
  • 4 behaviours threaten financial security
  • Common definitions of financial success that limit your financial gain and independence
  • Ways companionship aid in financial growth
  • The mistake almost 90% of Americans make with their money and how you can easily avoid it
  • Tools to jumpstart your creditscore and financial success
  • Financial insecurities that affect financial gain
  • 4 crucial questions I ought to ask yourself on the financial road
  • 5 money mistakes I must avoid
  • The easiest way to budget and build a financial plan with an inconsistent pay check
  • Financial lies that people tend to believe that clouds their financial judgement
  • About a financial advisor and the benefits of having one in your business
  • The importance of taking calculated risks and what to do when it fails
Dec 6, 2019

Brett Swartts is the CEO of Capital Gains Tax Solutions and every year equips hundreds of business professionals with the Deferred Sales Trust tool to help their high net worth clients solve capital gains tax deferral limitations. His experience includes: numerous Deferred Sales Trust, Delaware Statue Trust, 1031 exchanges and $85,000,000 in closed commercial real estate brokerage transactions. He’s an active commercial real estate broker and investor himself with experience and holdings in Multifamily, Senior Housing, Retail, Medical Office and Mixed-Use properties. He is a licensed California Real Estate Broker and holds series 22 and 63 licenses. He is formerly an associate at the largest Commercial Real Estate Brokerage firm in the country and has years of experience and hands-on training from some of the best in the business.

As a trustee, he is passionate in educating about capital gains tax deferral with a Deferred Sales Trust, how to divest from a business or real estate and gain freedom from feeling hostage to a 1031 exchange, and then invest back into and back out of real estate at any time (all capital gains tax deferred).

Brett is considered one of the most well-rounded capital gains tax deferral experts and informative speakers on the West Coast. His audiences are challenged to lean into multiple capital gains tax deferral strategies, create and develop a passive cash flow wealth plan of their own, and execute on this plan so they can create and preserve more wealth.

During this show we discuss…

  • Installment sale, 1031 exchange
  • How to avoid paying taxes on real estate transactions
  • The best tax deferral strategy
  • About deferred sales trust
  • How to sell your business and pay no taxes
  • Questions you should ask your tax team about tax deferral strategies
  • 3 must ask questions to ask on every tax deferral process
  • Steps to take to make sure you pay no taxes upon selling your business
  • Working with a tax professional for free to implement tax deferral strategies
  • What you know about estate taxes to save yourself a fortune
  • Legal steps you need to take with DST to ensure safety
  • About 1031 exchange
  • Benefits involved in using 1031 exchange for a real estate investment
  • Risks involved in DST and 1031 exchange
  • The 1031 exchange drawbacks you need to know about
  • Why DST is better than 1031 when it comes to saving you money
  • The best backup strategy for a failed DST and 1031 strategies
Dec 5, 2019

During this show, you will discover …

• How to get out of personal credit checks when establishing business credit, even at the cash credit tier
• Business funding options out there which aren’t banks
• What business credit is…
• … and why it matters
• How to kick off business credit building with creating a fundable business
• Why your business entity, website, and more matter when it comes to building business credit
• Why a D-U-N-S number is crucial
• The names of three starter vendors we know and love
• How the retail credit tier works…
• … and details about the fleet credit tier
• How to make it to the cash credit tier…
• … without going through a personal credit check

And much more...

Dec 3, 2019

Dennis Lewis is a seasoned digital storyteller and blockchain marketing specialist with a proven track record in both Europe and the United States. He has successfully lead to market and exited multiple startup companies, and prides himself on his ability to make complex projects easy to understand and relatable. In a marketing landscape increasingly obsessed with shiny objects and overly complicated sales funnels, Dennis still believes that the key to any successful marketing campaign are the words on the page.

During this show we discuss...

  • 5 important things you must know before trading in crypto
  • The best way a newbie can reduce start-up cost and still run their ICO efficiently
  • The best kind of crypto for a start-up blockchain to invest in
  • 7 marketing tips for blockchain start-ups
  • The best way to stay protected from security hazards
  • How blockchain and crypto will affect entrepreneurs
  • What an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is and how you can benefit
  • What you should know about a distributed ICO
  • 4 critical crypto trading mistakes and how to avoid them
  • 3 best tools for trading crypto
  • Some of the critical stages of marketing an ICO
  • The difference between a private blockchain from a public one and which is best
  • The best way to market my blockchain
  • How to successfully use a blockchain to aid an organisation
  • About decentralised exchange (Decx)
  • The benefits of Decx
  • Allocating your portfolio to maximise gains