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The Business Credit and Financing Show is produced by Credit Suite and hosted by Ty Crandall, business credit expert and best-selling author of Perfect Credit and Business Credit Decoded. Each week we talk about the business growth strategies that matter most to entrepreneurs. Listen in as we discuss the secrets to getting credit cards, loans, and credit lines to start and grow your business, even when you think you can’t get financing at a bank. And enjoy as we talk with seasoned business owners, coaches, influencers, and industry leaders on a variety of business growth strategies from how to market, hire, scale, increase revenue and profit, and the nuts and bolts of running a highly successful business. Listeners leave every 30-60-minute episode with actionable information you can use to start, grow, and fund a highly profitable business.
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Nov 23, 2022

With a passion for entrepreneurship from a very young age, Samuel is the Founder

and CEO of Sockrates Custom Socks, a company based in Boca Raton Florida which

specializes in producing the highest quality custom socks at the fastest turnaround time.

With over 4000 clients, Sockrates has emerged as the industry leader in its field with

clients in the United States, Germany, France, Iceland, UK, Israel and Canada.


With a keen eye for both the small details and big picture approach to business, Samuel is sought out for advice on various business topics such as business strategy, team leadership, business communication, marketing and organizational culture.


During the show we discuss:

● How to create your own blue ocean to reach more customers 

● How to find the issues with your systems to scale effectively 

● How to pivot in your business to reach exponential growth

● What successful startup businesses owners do to succeed

● Why transparency is important to being a good leader

● Why getting feedback from your clients is important 

● Why quality is essential to achieve extreme success 

● Why customer service should be your #1 priority 

● Best marketing strategies to grow your company 

● Factors to consider when starting a business

● How to build your organization’s culture

● Do’s & don’ts When Starting A Business

● How To Turn Your Idea into A Business

● How to Improve Employee Happiness

● Kind of leader should the owners be

● How to think of new content ideas 

● How to Increase Brand-Awareness

● How To Find Your Niche Audience

● Tips for a good management

● How To Grow Your Business


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Nov 17, 2022

Are you how you are going to make it with the rising gas prices?

Just give me less than an hour of your time, and I’ll show you how to mitigate rising gas prices with fuel card.

To take your business credit building to the next level, go to: 👉


Key Moments in This Episode


👉 What You’ll Learn Today

⛽️ Rising Gas Prices Affect EVERYTHING

💳 How to Fuel Cards Wisely

💳 Top Options for Fuel Cards


Nov 16, 2022

Mark Willis, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ , a three-time #1 Best Selling Author, the Owner of Lake Growth Financial Services, a financial services firm in Chicago, Illinois and co-host of the Not Your Average Financial Podcast ™ . Over the years, he has helped hundreds of his clients take back control of their financial future and build their businesses with proven, tax-efficient financial solutions unknown to most financial gurus. He has become known as “Not Your Average Financial Planner!”


During the show we discuss:

● How to keep your money available for all your goals in life, both now and in the future

● How to buy back your debt using the Lake Growth Debt SnowBank MethodTM

● How to pass your wealth on favorably to the people you care about

● How to create wealth in a safe and predictable way

● What are the common mistakes in handling wealth

● What are the pros and cons of banking on yourself

● What is Lake Growth Debt SnowBank MethodTM

● What are the keys to becoming your own banker

● How to become your own source of financing

● How to grow wealthy by paying your taxes

● How to ensure your money is tax efficient

● How to protect and grow your money

● How to bank on yourself


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Nov 10, 2022

Are you wondering why you continue to be denied for business lending? Just give me less than an hour of your time, and I’ll show you the roadmap to business lending approvals with Fundability™.

For your next business loan, go to: 👉

Key Moments in This Episode ========================

👉 What You’ll Learn Today

💰The Journey to Business Lending Approvals

💰The Road to Business Lending is Paved with Fundable™ Foundations

💰Building Business Credit on the Way

👉 Recap

Nov 9, 2022

Brian serves as CEO of Torch.AI and has more than 20 years of experience leading mission driven, high growth, technology-focused companies. Torch.AI helps leading organizations leverage artificial intelligence in a unique way via a proprietary enterprise data management software solution. Today, Torch.AI supports clients like H&R Block with fraud detection

and mitigation, and the U.S. Department of Defense with machine learning-enabled background

investigations for all federal employees, supporting the determination of an individual’s trustworthiness and security credentialing. Prior to Torch.AI, Brian launched or acquired several companies all focused on technology-enabled services and data connectivity. His companies serve nearly 1,300 clients and have been recognized as Small Business of the Year by the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce.


During the show we discuss:

● How machine learning can anticipate what may happen and how you can use this

● How data can be broken down in a way that simple machines can easily process

● How machine learning uses data to produce actionable info for entrepreneurs 

● How to use advanced tech to reduce churn and keep customers longer

● What data infrastructure it is and how to fix the problems it causes

● Why business owners deal with more data than they can manage

● What causes data to be unsecure and how to make it safe

● How AI and machine learning can help business owners

● What’s the future look like for AI and machine learning

● How to break down lots of data to make it easy to use

● How to use advanced tech to attract more customers

● How AI can make data easier to use


Show resources: 

Aug 25, 2022

With just a little bit of prep work, you can get approved for your first business credit account lightning fast! 

Aug 25, 2022

Mark launched his creative production company Phanta Media in 2006, grew it to a little over $2mm in revenue, and then slowly watched as it all crumbled around him.  Through the hard lessons learned and working to not make the same mistakes twice, today Phanta focuses less on “keeping the machine fed” and more on doing extraordinary work with really cool people.


As a brand strategist, Mark understands that YOU need to be courageous.  There's only one YOU and it takes courage to go all-in on you.  The courage to trust your gut while also pushing your comfort zone.  The courage to say what others can't, or simply won't say.  The courage to see 10x ahead of where you are now, believing that you can make it happen.  Courage is what we admire most from extraordinary people and brands.  Courage is what you need.


During the show we discuss:

● Why most people/brands fail to stand out from the competition and connect with their audience

● How to determine your customer avatar and the problems they need solved

● Elements that influence the creation of must-watch brand advertisements

● The secret formula for creating can't-ignore brands and must-see content

● How to decide what new forms of content your brand needs

● How to determine your own unique selling proposition

● Why "courage" is the thing that leaders/brands need

● Essential elements of a content marketing strategy

● The 3D’s process to know what you really want

● How to build a brand through content

● How to quantify the power of a brand

● How to produce quality content

● How to plan a content strategy

● Why invest in branding


Show resources:

Aug 17, 2022

Chris Brown is an experienced president with a demonstrated history of exceeding business objectives and helping companies grow. Skilled in Sales, Strategic Thinking & Planning, Building Long Term Relationships. Strong entrepreneurial professional that understands the importance of being focused and goal oriented to drive results while developing leaders at all levels in the business. Successful track record in leading teams and building strong partnerships within the marketplace.  He’s also the CEO and co-founder of Tax Hive where he’s partnered with Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank. 


During the show we discuss:

● The importance of strategic tax management

● Strategic tax plan to save no taxes

● How to tap into over 1,400 tax benefits to save a lot of money

● Basic tax planning strategies businesses use

● How to know what strategies work and not work

● Business tax savings and how does it work

● Why hasn’t my current accountant created a business tax savings plan for me?

● How much to expect to save in taxes when I get a plan

● Do I need an updated plan each year?

● Limitations of tax planning

● The difference between tax planning and tax management

● The important areas of tax management

● The objectives of tax planning

● The biggest misconceptions business owners have about their returns

● How to maximize the tax benefits


Show resources: 

Aug 10, 2022

An early employee of Apple and Head of Innovation at Redbox, Mark Ackler has been creating

and investing in tech startups since 1986. Today, he is a founding partner of MATH Venture

Partners, a technology venture capital fund, and an adjunct professor at the Northwestern

Kellogg School of Management.


During the show we discuss:

● The right time to sell your startup

● The best framework to follow to maximize value when you sell

● Why cultural fit is important to maximize exit value of your business

● What alignment you need to have to have a successful exit

● Why the rational of the deal must make sense for you to sell

● Factors that founders should consider when they are evaluating exit paths
● What an "Exit Talk" is 

● How can founders use it to reach alignment in their boardrooms

● The 4 categories of potential buyers of your business

● What to know about potential buyers of your company, competitor, investor, IPO, strategic buyers

● How can founders optimize for the long-term
● What are some of the common pitfalls that founders should avoid when they look to exit

● How can founders best negotiate the best outcome for their startups

● What the FAIR framework is

● What a FAIR acquisition partner is and how to work toward this partnership

● How fundraising impact the exit of a business

● What does building trust have to do with liquidating a business
● What a buyer ecosystem is  and how to develop it

● How entrepreneurs determine the right time to sell their businesses

● four different types of buyers: financial, competitive, public, and strategic


Show resources:

Aug 4, 2022

Are separate business bank accounts really necessary?

🏦 Give me less than an hour of your time, and I’ll show you why business bank accounts really are necessary, including how they affect findability.

👉 To best build fundability, be sure to schedule a consultation with us:


Key Moments in This Episode ========================

👉 What You’ll Learn Today

💸 Benefits of Business Bank Accounts

💸 How to Choose and Open a Business Bank Account

💸 The Secret Credit Score You Probably Don’t Know About

💸 Personal Banking History Can Affect Your Ability to Open a Business Account

👉 Recap

Aug 3, 2022

Jeremy Ryan Slate, an entrepreneur, media expert, author and CEO and founder of Command Your Brand. He studied literature at Oxford University and is a former champion powerlifter that helps visionary founders to impact the world and better mankind through podcasting and new media to create trust and opinion leader status. Podcast Magazine just included Jeremy on their 2022 40 under 40 in Podcasting list.


During the show we discuss:

● The skillset needed to grow a business while being happy

● Why overcoming adversity is so important

● Why focus on what each team member needs individually is essential to being a great leader

● The Right Combination to Scale Your Company

● Why done is better than perfect

● Tips and techniques in igniting your passion

● Factors that can spark passion

● How to Hack your Position as the Trusted Authority in Your Space

● The best masterminds to join

● How to become an authority in your space

● How To PR Your Way To Success

● Why you should be submitting press releases to your local media

● How to Utilize the 1 Billion Dollar Podcast Market

● The key things in running a successful business

● Important skills of an entrepreneur

● How to boost your business with the help of sales, pr and marketing combined


Show resources:

Jul 28, 2022

What You Need to Know About the Impact of Personal Finances on Business Lending Are you wondering if personal financing can affect your ability to get business lending? Give me less than an hour of your time, and I’ll show you how personal financing can affect your ability to get funding for your business, and what to do about it.

👉For your next business loan, go to:

Key Moments in This Episode ========================

👉 What You’ll Learn Today

💰 The Mysterious Connection Between Personal Financing and Business Lending

💰 Frightening Factors that Affect Personal Credit

💰 Secrets of Scoring Models that Use Personal Credit for Business Credit Scores

💰 Ensure the Impact of Your Personal Financing on Business Lending is Positive

👉 Recap

Jul 27, 2022

We & Goliath, a full-service virtual event company that specializes in achieving optimal results for global enterprises and SMBs, even when their clients feel they’re facing giant challenges. Hence theirs logan. We’ve got yours slingshot. Unlike most event companies, they’ve been digital- first since unlike most event companies, they’ve been digital- first since

way before the pandemic. Their co-founders, Michelle, and Daniel each have over 20years experience in event production, design, and digital marketing.


During the show we discuss:

● Virtual and hybrid event

● The advantages and disadvantages of virtual events

● How social media can be useful for virtual events

● How to make virtual events more interactive

● How to keep a virtual event engaging

● How to engage the audience in a virtual event

● How to make virtual events stand out

● What makes a virtual event successful

● The most effective advertising techniques

● The benefit of virtual event

● How to stay organized and ensure the success of the event

● The latest technologies for producing a virtual event

● The tips and pointers that you can give to the aspiring event producers

● The secrets of a successful event production

● Some advertising techniques you can share

● The common mistakes organizers are making with their virtual events

● Helpful tips on how to get people to show up


Show resources:

Jul 21, 2022

Are you looking for cash flow based lending? Give me less than an hour of your time, and I’ll show you how to find the best cash flow based lending options for your business.

👉 For your next business loan, go to:

Key Moments in This Episode ========================

👉 What You’ll Learn Today

💰 Cash Flow Based Lending: What You Need to Know

💰 Do You Qualify for Cash Flow Based Lending?

💰 Specific Examples

💰 Other Funding Similar to Cash Flow Based Lending

👉 Recap

Jul 20, 2022

Over the last fifteen years, Luke Arrigoni has worked with some of the top brands in the United States building machine learning and data science programs, even before there  was such a term.  He worked with companies such as UPS, J&J, Getty, AT&T, Stryker,  Goldman Sachs, CAA, FOX, Sephora along with others. 


Luke has media experience explaining to audiences at Bloomberg, WIRED and others  on topics such as data’s impact on politics, machine learning, blockchain and other ways  that technology intersects in a big way in everyone’s day-to-day life.  He built and sold an  econometrics business in the past and also has experience with Sino-American trading relationships.  He worked with several companies such as J&J and Samsung making him  familiar with how to do business with technology and raise products in China. 


During the show we discuss:

● General Artificial Intelligence

● Machine Learning

● When are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning used

● How do Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning succeed

● Approach legislators and lawmakers take to technology

● Role of artificial intelligence play in machine learning

● Relationship between artificial intelligence and machine learning

● How Artificial Intelligence used to benefit society

● How machine learning and artificial intelligence assist firms in making better use of their data

● Sentients and why you need to know about it 

● How artificial intelligence help us in our daily lives

● Current state of artificial intelligence

● Impact of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning have on the industry

● The most recent artificial intelligence-based technologies

● How Artificial Intelligence works with social media platforms

● What does the future hold for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

● The technological future of Artificial Intelligence


Show resources:

Jul 14, 2022

Are you wondering how to maximize your credit score to get as much funding for your business as possible?

Give me less than an hour of your time, and I’ll show you some simple hacks to grow, improve, and otherwise maximize credit score for your business so you can use it to the fullest extent possible.

👉 To take your business credit building to the next level, go to:

Key Moments in This Episode ========================

👉 What You’ll Learn Today

💳 The Secret World of Business Credit Reports and Scores

💳 The Surprise In How Business Credit Works

💳 Finding Initial Accounts

💳 Leveraging Personal Guarantees

👉 Recap

Jul 13, 2022

Clay Ogden could easily be described as the ace of the SRA Team. In his role as National Business Development Manager, Clay does it all as he interacts with business owners and advisors to identify risk management strategies. As a former professional Golfer on the Nationwide, Web. com, Canadian and mini-tours, Clay nurtures many of his business relationships on the course and brings more than 12 years in risk mitigation to identify opportunities and consult with clients and representatives.


During the show, we discuss:

● What an 831(b) Plan is

● 831(b) compared to 401(k) and other retirement accounts

● The tax benefits and savings an 831 (b) provides 

● How an 831(b) Plan works

● The returns you can get investing into an 831(b)

● How much to put into an 831(b)

● Why Your Business Should Consider 831(b) and Mitigate Risk

● How 831(b) plans help businesses during COVID

● The Importance of 831(B) Captives

● Entities that are good candidates for an 831(b) plan

● Risks businesses have that an 831(b) Plan can help with

● Threats to business cash flow (brand, cyber security, other risks)

● What can be insured

● The risk mitigation strategy of every Fortune 500 Company

● The Liability Crisis and how is it repeating itself now


Show resources:

Jul 7, 2022

Do you need business funding but lack the cash flow and collateral that most lenders require?

Join us as we show you how to get a business loan with No Cashflow or Collateral!

👉 For your next business loan, go to:

Key Moments in This Episode: ========================

💰 What You’ll Learn Today

💰 What it Takes to Get Business Loans

💰 Examples of Business Loans Loans ith No Cashflow or Collateral

💰 Recap

Jul 6, 2022

Livia Devi, 5D mentor, and entrepreneur helps people awaken, transcend beyond the physical and shift to a higher level of Consciousness, thus accessing multiple realities and dimensions. She helps people shift their Consciousness from the third dimension to the 4th and 5th Dimensions


During the show, we discuss:

● What 5d consciousness is

● What makes conscious leaders different and more effective

● How awakening benefits leaders

● Ways to be a conscious leader

● How to develop your concious leadership skills

● How entrepreneurs achieve their goals

● How does consciousness affect your results

● How the humanity awakening the consciousness

● How to activate a powerful 5d soul mission

● How to activate a unique abundance

● How to activate 5d inner visionary

● Qualities of a visionary leader

● Ways to bring vision to life

● The best practices of an awaken leader


Show resources:


Jul 1, 2022

Who are the vendors in tier 4 when you are building business credit?

Join us I’ll show you the keys to getting accounts with tier 4 vendors, and give you some examples of who these vendors are.

To take your business credit building to the next level, go to: 👉

Key Moments in This Episode: ========================

👉 What You’ll Learn Today

💳 What Are the Vendor Credit Tiers?

💳 Why Should You Work the Tiers in Order?

💳 Examples of Tier 4 Vendors

👉 Recap

Jun 29, 2022

As an attorney, a CPA, and a CFP®, Aaron runs a wealth management practice that integrates tax, financial planning and investing. Aaron helps his client minimize their tax liability and keep more of their equity compensation so they can support the people they love and the causes they care about most. Whether in Silicon Valley, Austin, or the Tech Triangle, he works with pre-IPO executives and early employees at late-state tech companies.


In 2019, Aaron published his first book “Financial Adulting’’ as a guide to help young professionals navigate tax, investment, and estate planning.


During the show we discuss:

● Why pay more taxes than we should and how to pay less

● Some Income tax nuances for stock options

● What triggers you to pay more taxes than you should

● The worst of the tax mistakes

● The worst investment decision

● The best investment decision

● Stock options tax secret you wish people knew about

● Investments for people who don’t have an advisor

● When should someone at a pre-IPO company contact an advisor

● What You Should Know About the IPO Lockup Period

● How to plan for an IPO

● The Crucial Financial Planning Steps to Take When Anticipating an IPO

● The pitfalls to avoid

● The non-starters for IPOs

● How to get credit to buy stock options 

● How not using a financial planner will hurt you

Show resources:

Jun 28, 2022

How to Use a Solo 401 (k) to Fund Your Business

Daniel Blue is the President of Quest Education, a company that helps entrepreneurs obtain capital for their companies, pay off high-interest debt and use self-directed retirement accounts to invest in alternative assets With over 10 years of educating small business owners, Daniel has a knack for helping individuals get creative with their finances that leads to life changing results.


During the show we discuss:

● What a “solo” 401k is 

● Loan feature on a 401k and how it can help you

● How to make a 401k a solo one

● How to take money out of a 401k without paying tax penalties

● Process of using a 401k to fund a business

● Benefits of using a 401k to fund your business

● Kinds of rates can you get on this type of financing

● Is personal credit a factor in qualification

● Is revenue a factor in qualification 

● How much money must be in the 401k to qualify 

● Is it a good idea to tap into a 401k to launch a new business

● What percent of the 401k can you borrow against 

● How to ensure you can keep the money out of the 401k without tax penalty

● What’s the interest rate is

● How to use this financing to pay off high-interest debt

● What do business owners use the funds for typically

● Why Wallstreet doesn’t educate on this


Show resources:


Jun 24, 2022

Are you wondering how to get your business set up with the business credit bureaus?

Just give me less than an hour of your time, and I’ll show you the keys to business credit bureau setup for your business. T

o best build fundability, be sure to schedule a consultation with us: 👉

Key Moments in This Episode: ========================

💳 Business Credit Bureaus and Fundability

💳 All Bureaus are Not the Same

💳 Business Credit Monitoring for More Than Score

💳 The FICO SBSS Mystery 

Jun 22, 2022

Peter Millington is an avid participant in fintech and the application of cutting-edge technologies to the financial industry. Pete has spent over 25 years working in quantitative finance and founded Scientific Financial Systems in 2016 to advance the state of the art of data

science, big data, and machine learning in asset management. 


During the show we discuss:

● Advantages and disadvantages of integrating machine learning in finance

● How to know who to listen to when it comes to machine learning 

● Relationship between artificial intelligence and finance

● Role machine learning will play in finance in the future

● Distinction between finance and financial engineering

● Social media in promotion of machine learning

● What role machine learning play in finance

● The best machine learning available today

● Machine learning in financial engineering

● Machine learning benefits to finance

● How to know the data that’s useful

● What financial engineering entail

● Machine learning in banks

● Financial engineering


Show resources:

Jun 21, 2022

Brent Bowers, is an investor and coach with a focus on buying and selling vacant land. 

While Brent invests in many different types of real estate, his favorite investment strategy deals with buying and selling vacant land, and he enjoys sharing his expertise in this area with his coaching clients. Brent chooses to live his life based on Bob Burg’s quote, “Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first.” He is passionate about helping other people find success in real estate investing, particularly in land investments.


During the show we discuss:

● Why consider investing in vacant land if they’re already investing in other types of real estate

● How does investing in land differ from investing in single family or multifamily homes

● Tips for buying land most first-time buyers don’t consider

● What PropStream is and how it can help you buy land

● How to use Zillow to know how much to buy land for

● How to locate property in markets outside your own

● How to determine the properties to target to buy

● How to make your land more profitable

● How to classify which land is profitable

● Things to consider in investing in land

● How to determine the value of a land

● Why is there no competition in land

● Types of land to look at to buy

● 3 reasons why Brent love land

● How to sell the land you buy 

● Where to find land to buy


Show resources:

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