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The Business Credit and Financing Show is produced by Credit Suite and hosted by Ty Crandall, business credit expert and best-selling author of Perfect Credit and Business Credit Decoded. Each week we talk about the business growth strategies that matter most to entrepreneurs. Listen in as we discuss the secrets to getting credit cards, loans, and credit lines to start and grow your business, even when you think you can’t get financing at a bank. And enjoy as we talk with seasoned business owners, coaches, influencers, and industry leaders on a variety of business growth strategies from how to market, hire, scale, increase revenue and profit, and the nuts and bolts of running a highly successful business. Listeners leave every 30-60-minute episode with actionable information you can use to start, grow, and fund a highly profitable business.
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Feb 24, 2021

Mike Koenigs is known for being a media master who knows how to help his international clients get attention, create premium brands and elevated status in days. 


Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Judge on’s “Elevator Pitch” TV show, 13-Time Bestselling Author, co-host of the “Capability Amplifier” podcast with Strategic Coach founder, Dan Sullivan and “The Big Leap” with business sage and NYT bestselling author, “Gay Hendricks”. 


Mike has had four business exits, two to publicly-traded companies. His first, Digital Cafe, one of the first digital marketing agencies in the world, sold to IPG, The Interpublic Group. His two SaaS companies, Traffic Geyser and Instant Customer, were sold to a publicly-traded company. His most recent was You Everywhere Now to a private buyer. 


During the show we discuss:

● Importance of brands

●  “Category of One” Brand

● Advantages of ‘Category of One’ Brand

● Building a Category of One Brand

● Useful tips to position yourself as the highest-value premium offer in your category

● Importance of  having competitors

● Competition-proof

● Why make your brand competition-proof

● Making your brand ‘competition-proof’

● Important tips in making a competition-proof brand

● Proven strategies to use in a competition-proof brand

● Making and maintaining customer brand loyalty

● Building your brand and audience with best-selling books


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Feb 23, 2021

JP is the CEO of boomtime. He has over 30 years of experience in marketing, digital strategy and product management for companies ranging from startups to global brands such as Madison Square Garden, General Mills, DFS Group Ltd., Johnson & Johnson and National Geographic. JP has worked for or helped companies in both the B2C and the B2B sectors and founded three digital strategy and marketing agencies after working for many years on the corporate  side of marketing. JP’s passions are analytics, digital products and creating the  right strategy at the right time for the right audience. 


During the show, we discuss:


● How analytics help with business growth

● How analytics help with digital marketing results

● Numbers to look at

● Why digital marketers should pay attention to analytics

● What metrics to look at when focusing on getting new leads

● Importance of facts (and numbers) in digital marketing decisions

● Why automation in campaigns is and how to use it to grow your business

● Proving and/or calculating digital marketing ROI

● Available tools to use for analytics

● Calculating or reporting ROI to digital marketing

● Creating the right digital marketing strategies for your business

● Proven digital marketing strategies to boost B2B sales optimization

● One form of marketing that really works

● How ‘Word of Mouth’ works in digital marketing

● Tips to make people talking about you

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Feb 18, 2021

During this show, you’ll discover …

● Learn about several options for alternative small business loans

● Find out what private lenders are all about

● Get peer to peer lending explained

● Find out all about lines of credit…

● … and when merchant cash advances may be the best choice for you

● Learn the difference between rewards-based crowdfunding…

● … and equity crowdfunding…

● … and which may be better for business funding for your business

● When business bridge loans are a good idea…

● … and when hard money funding is a better idea

● Get federal grants explained…

● … and learn about local grants

● Look at angel investing vs venture capital

● Get to know purchase order financing…

● … and account receivable financing

● Find out how Credit Suite’s credit line hybrid financing can be the idea solution for your business funding needs…

● … without having to try for a business bank loan

Feb 17, 2021

Jon Schram is an IT support expert and the founder & CEO of The Purple Guys, a tech company that has grown since 2001 to become the Midwest’s premier provider of IT support services. The Purple Guys is a fast-growing, 7-digit business that has helped hundreds of companies grow by solving their IT problems and providing them with stress-free,  bullet-proof tech support.


During the show, we discuss:


● Importance of digital readiness for business

● IT challenges exposed by COVID

● The biggest problem with technology

● Business solutions for pandemic challenges

● Security & IT challenges that pandemic created

● How IT teams adapt to the pandemic

● The right time for a business to hire an IT company

● The biggest struggles work-from-home IT

● Limitations in work-from-home IT teams

● Secrets of successful remote IT teams

● Ensuring the security of your database

● Tips in building a secured system

● Preventions from any hackers or IT problems

● Turning IT challenges into an advantage


Show resources:

Feb 15, 2021

Michelle Seiler Tucker is the Founder and CEO of Seiler Tucker Incorporated. Michelle has sold over 500 businesses to date and currently owns and operates several successful businesses. Michelle Seiler Tucker holds the following professional designations and certifications: The Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary (M&AMI), Certified Senior Business Analyst (CSBA), Best-Selling Author, and Panelist for M&A Source.

Michelle Seiler Tucker is the leading authority on buying, selling, and improving businesses, as well as increasing a business’ revenue streams. Over the past decade Michelle has sold several hundred businesses and franchises. She continues to help buyers from all walks of life buy the American Dream, create financial freedom, be their own boss, and obtain a better quality of life.

Michelle is passionate about sharing her considerable knowledge and experience with others through her mentoring, training, and partnering programs. These programs have helped many individuals become successful M&A advisors. Michelle has also spoken alongside other prominent speakers: Eric Trump, Kathy Ireland, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Stedman Graham and more. She makes regular radio and TV appearances including interviews on Fox Business News, Forbes, CNBC, and is featured in INC and USA Magazines.


During the show we discuss:

● The percentage of businesses never sell

● Importance of pre-plan early on selling your business to get max value

● Things to do early in business to get maximum value

● What the GPS Exit Model is and how it will help you sell your business

● Why you need to know early how much you want to sell your business for

● How often should you get your business valuation

● How to determine who your potential business buyers will be

● Why private equity groups are a potential buyer for your company

● Should you consider selling through an auction or not

● Why it’s important that your business doesn’t revolve around you if you want to exit

● 6 “P’s” of selling your business

● Why the roles people fill essential to business value

● Why you need to have the right product mix to get max value upon exit

● 6 aspects being proprietary that are essential

● Why you must have well-developed processes in their business


Show resources:

888-526-5750, text MICHELLE

Feb 11, 2021

During this show, you’ll discover ...

● How to monitor business credit with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax

● Find out the major differences between business credit and its reports...

● ... versus personal credit reports

● Learn what business credit monitoring at Dun & Bradstreet is all about...

● ... including current prices and features of various D&B credit monitoring packages

● Your choices to monitor Experian business credit...

● ... including your best value for the money

● Your options for monitoring Equifax business credit...

● ... including what you get for your money

● Plus how to save money on business credit monitoring through Credit Suite

Feb 10, 2021

Chris Miles, the Cash Flow Expert and Anti-Financial Advisor, is a leading authority teaching entrepreneurs and professionals how to get their money working for them TODAY! He’s an author, podcast host of the Chris Miles Money Show, has been featured in US News, CNN Money, EOFire, and has a proven  reputation with his company, Money Ripples, getting his clients fast, life altering financial results. In fact, his personal clients have increased their cash  flow by over $200 Million in the last 10 years!


During the show we discuss:


● Creating an “Anti-Financial Plan”

● Why financial advisors suck

● Managing your money without financial advisors

● Increasing your financial literacy

● Steps to financial success

● Getting your investment money to pay you TWICE

● Tools for financial goals

● Tips for planning your financial goal

● Rules to follow when considering an investment

● Kinds of investment to put your money

● How much of your income should you invest

● Secrets to get your money working for you

● Beyond Rice and Beans

● Chris Miles Money Show


Show resources:

Feb 9, 2021

Curt Mercadante helps businesses and entrepreneurs increase their authority brand exposure to the right clients so they can make more money. 

For 25 years, he has counseled small business, entrepreneurs, as well as some of the largest corporations and associations in the country. 


He’s built three profitable businesses, including a 7-figure Public Relations and Advertising agency. Curt is Gallup-Certified Strengths Trainer, host of the Freedom Mindset Radio podcast, and author of the bestselling book,“ Five Pillars of the Freedom Lifestyle.”


During the show we discuss:


● Business Brand

● Importance of a business brand

● How a brand help with business growth

● Proven tips to build a successful brand

● Standing out from the industry

● Importance of  brand authority

● Clarifying your authority message

● Importance of message consistency

● Crystallizing your value proposition

● RIGHT clients

● Targeting the right clients

● Delivering your brand to the right clients


Show resources: 

Text the word youthority to 55678 to access 3 free training webinars

Feb 4, 2021

During this show, you’ll discover … 

● What microloans are

● Which kinds of entrepreneurs may be more likely to qualify for microloans 

● How microloans can be a great funding solution for minority business owners

● What the relationship is between microloans and alternate lenders 

● How SBA microloans work 

● All about microloans from Kiva… 

● … The Opportunity Fund… 

● … Accion… 

● … Grameen and more 

● Find out about microloan qualifications… 

● … including when you may need a loan guarantor

Feb 3, 2021

Parker is a co-owner and the Chief Business Officer at Evolved Finance; a bookkeeping agency that specializes in helping online entrepreneurs to build more profitable and financially stable online businesses. For over 6 years, Parker has been advising some of the top coaches, course creators, influencers, and thought leaders on how to make more sound business decisions using their financial data.

During the show we discuss:


● Kinds of data to review as a business owner

● What entrepreneurs need to make more confident financial decisions

● The difference between an accountant and a bookkeeper

● Why your online business needs both

● What online businesses need to know about bookkeeping

● Creating  a solid financial foundation for your online business

● How profitable an online business should be

● Strategies to make business more profitable

● Why profitability is the most important metric

● Why profitability should be the guide for most business decisions you make

● Why your profit and loss statement makes financial decisions so much easier to manage

● Reasons why online businesses struggle to be profitable

● How  online business owners make their finances easier and less stressful


Show resources:

Feb 2, 2021

Christian Allen, is a successful entrepreneur, owner of multiple businesses, author of Money Insights for Physicians, and the Founder and CEO of the strategic wealth building firm, Money Insights. Christian’s team specializes in helping clients understand and implement alternative wealth building strategies centered around life insurance (and not the type of life  insurance you get when you go to your local agent). Christian is passionate  about making it easier for his clients to build and protect their wealth, and he is here today to share some insight into his strategies.  

During the show we discuss:


● Dynamic wealth-building strategies

● Financial Freedom Factor (F3) Assessment Score

● How  F3 Score help with Wealth Management

● What do to after an  F3 assessment

● Proven principles to have financial freedom

● Protecting your wealth

● Stages of the Money Insights Method

● How Money Insights strategically utilize the proven financial principles of leverage, velocity, and cash flow

● Starting investing

● Optimizing your investment

● Investing the same dollar in two different places at the same time

● Tax-free income-producing machine

● Bringing a “conservative leverage” into retirement planning

● Creating a new asset using leverage

● Retaining more capital for investing


Show resources:

Jan 29, 2021

Seth David is owner of Nerd Enterprises, Inc., a successful business consulting and training company specializing in QuickBooks Online and other business productivity software. His unique style and personal touch has helped him develop a worldwide audience in excess of 100,000 people consisting of small business owners, consultants ...


During the show we discuss:


● Nerd Enterprises with business consultations and training

● How social networking tools help with your career

● Strategies for conducting training online

● Tools for accounting

● When a business accounting professional is needed

● Quickbooks Online

● Functions of Quickbooks Online

● Pros and cons of payroll in Quickbooks Online


Show resources:

Jan 28, 2021

Brad Sugars came from humble beginnings but is now a self-made multi-millionaire, the founder of the global business coaching franchise ActionCOACH®, an international business speaker, author, and entrepreneur. Sugars has written 16 business books. His ActionCOACH® team works with tens of thousands of business owners in more than 70 countries. Sugars straight-forward Aussie style has branded him as a leader that will tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.


During the show we discuss:


● Secrets of growing a business

● Common reasons for business success

● Factors that affect a business’s success

● Powerful and proven strategies to reach business goals

● Planning for business’s success

● How  innovation helps in the time of a pandemic

● Pulling Profits out of a Hat

● Power of Exponential Growth

● Maximizing the power of exponential growth

● Disciplines to adding zeros

● A most important aspect of the discipline of strategy

● How strategy discipline different from business development

● Reasons why you need a business coach

● Benefits of hiring a business coach

● Qualities you need to look for in a business coach


Show resources:

Jan 28, 2021

During this show, you’ll discover …

✅  The ins and outs of your bank account for business
✅  How a bank account for business can make all the difference when it comes to getting approval for a loan
✅  Other benefits associated with having a bank account for business only
✅  How having a bank account for business increases findability
✅  Why it matters which bank your business bank account is held at
✅  How the date you open your bank account for business can make a huge difference in approval odds
✅  How to open a business bank account the right way

✅  Why it is important to watch how the business name is listed on the account…

✅ well as everywhere else

✅  Everything about bank ratings…

✅  ...and how they can affect your ability to even get a bank account for business use

✅  What affects your bank rating, and how to make sure your have a good one

✅  How your ChexSystems report can affect your ability to get a business bank account

Jan 26, 2021

Alexis Schomer is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems through innovation.
Born and raised in Los Angeles, she graduated from California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, where she co-founded her first tech start-up. Alexis has been recognized for her passion and hard work as a business owner by the City of Santa Barbara, the Camarillo City Council, California State Legislature, and the US Congress; and was awarded the Emerging Business Award by the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Foundation. She is a frequent speaker at educational and motivational events, publishes articles across various disciplines, and is a consultant for marketing and business practices in addition to running Simply Branded.


During the show we discuss:



How SEO help businesses

Relationship between SEO and SEM

Different types of SEO

Good SEO strategy

White hat SEO techniques

Effective SEO strategies

Tools to use with SEO

Predicting the success of an SEO strategy

Measuring SEO success

What affects SEO ranking

Keyword research

Conducting keyword research

Where to put SEO keywords

Link building and why it matters

SEO factors that are not in your control

Black hat SEO practices to avoid

Qualities to be effective in SEO


Show resources:

Jan 25, 2021

George Couros is currently an “Innovative Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Consultant”, speaker, as well as the author of “The Innovator’s Mindset” and “Innovate Inside the Box.”  Formerly, he was the Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning with Parkland School Division located in Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada, and have over 20 years of experience as an educator.


During the show we discuss:


● How learning changed over time and in the time of the pandemic

● Getting into the education field

● How innovation helps individuals in the future

● The innovator’s mindset

● Importance of “mindset” in learning

● Develop innovator’s mindset through remote learning

● Skills for innovation


Show resources:

Jan 22, 2021

Falicia Fracassi, is a creative entrepreneur who owns a chain of beauty boutiques that specialize in eyelash  extensions, eyebrows, Botox and she also owns a blow dry lounge. She is also the evening host @WDKX The Quiet Storm which talks about relationships, love, family, and business. Falicia has been featured on Amazon Style code live, Black Enterprise, Cosmopolitan & Essence magazine...


During the show we discuss:

● Getting into radio

● “The Quiet Storm”

● How social media helps business and career

● Starting your business

● Pros and cons in having a business

● Preparation before starting a business

● Tips and tricks to a successful business

● Importance of building relationship with customers

● What is there anything new you are working on?


Show resources:

Jan 21, 2021

During this show, you’ll discover …

✅  How SBA loans work

✅  All about SBA loan eligibility

✅  Details on all of the SBA coronavirus funding options…

✅  … including Economic Injury Disaster Loans…

✅  … and SBA Express Bridge Loans …

✅  … and the SBA Debt Relief program

✅  How preexisting borrowers can defer payments for six months

✅  How SBA Lender Match works

✅  Details on traditional SBA loans…

✅  … like the SBA 7(a) loan…

✅  … and including the SBA CAPLines program

✅  How the SBA Express program can help you

✅  Plus information on SBA 504 loans…

✅  … and how SBA microloans could be just what your business needs

✅  Plus how Credit Suite can help your business choose and get SBA loan alternatives

Jan 20, 2021

Nick Fredrick is an experienced operational and technology leader with a deep focus on enhancing customer relationships and improving internal processes. Nick’s expertise brings clients improved revenue and reduced expenses while implementing systems that scale faster and with greater stability.


The relationship with the consumer has never been more important for subscription businesses. They expect immediate and consistent experiences that delight. With companies like Netflix and Dollar Shave Club leading the subscription revolution with homegrown solutions, Rebar is stepping in to give a competitive leg up to high volume subscription businesses in the streaming, monthly box, and insurance sectors – allowing them to customize like a homegrown solution and avoid getting locked into a vendor that doesn’t scale.


During the show we discuss:


● Subscription model

● How subscription businesses work

● Why businesses should consider a subscription model

● Subscription business ideas to start in a pandemic

● Why transaction recycling matter to a subscription business

● Pitfalls to avoid when setting up a subscription business

● Can any business transition into a subscription business?

● Starting a subscription business

● Growing your subscription business

● Things to consider when starting a subscription business

● Testing the effectiveness of a subscription model

● Best practices for a subscription business model

● Having a product-market fit with a subscription model

● Best ways to save the relationship for customers who are about to cancel


Show resources:

Jan 19, 2021

After a successful technology career in Silicon Valley, Sean OToole purchased and flipped over 150 residential and commercial properties. He exited the market in 2006, right before the credit bubble burst.

Combining his technology and real estate experience, Sean launched ForeclosureRadar in 2007. ForeclosureRadar was quickly recognized as the nation’s best foreclosure information source, growing to help tens of thousands of real estate professionals prosper in an otherwise devastating market.

In 2013, Sean launched PropertyRadar, expanding beyond foreclosures to create a property data and owner information platform that powers thousands of investor, real estate professional, home service and other property-centric businesses. More than just a data company,  PropertyRadar levels the playing field by giving small businesses the same opportunities found in public records that big businesses have long enjoyed.


During the show we discuss:

● Investing in real estate during a pandemic

● What foreclosures will look like after the COVID epidemic

● How foreclosures have changed since 2008

● How it’s easier to stay in your home now more than ever even when you miss payments

● Which is better: Residential or commercial investment

● Where to learn or study real estate investing

● Getting insider details on properties before you buy

● Tapping into an auction and public record data to thrive in real estate investing

● Getting property records to market and grow in investing

● Getting loan and mortgage data for hyper-targeted marketing

● Easily locating other flippers who can be mentors

● Why you need a mentor to grow faster

● Following other investors to see their history of success

● Helping others and profiting during times of change


Show resources:

Jan 18, 2021

Joe Killinger has been an active member in the real estate industry for many years, Over the years he has been an Agent, Investor, Syndicator, Founder and Operator of companies as well as properties he invests in. He currently helps others get started in real estate investing or becoming a commercial real estate agent


During the show we discuss:


● Entering real estate

● The state of the real estate economy 

● Why start investing in real estate

● Investing in real estate in a global recession

● Stock market vs. real estate investing


● Should banks diversity loans into equity and debt

● Tips for beginners

● Getting started in real estate investing

● Investing in real estate with no money

● How a mentor can help you manage your investment/s

● Finding a mentor for guidance


Show resources:

Jan 15, 2021

Joshua Jenson AKA JJ the CPA has over 27 years of public accounting experience. He is the managing partner of Jenson & Company, which he founded over 23 years ago. 

He has over 52,000 subscribers on YouTube with over 6 million views on his YouTube channel along. He has published 2 books: The latest is “Cracking the CPA Code...


During the show we discuss:


Entering the world of accounting

Do you think software has been a disadvantage for CPAs? 

How Youtube community affect a career

PPP forgiveness tax adjustment

PPP and its advantages

The biggest misconceptions of forgiven PPP loan

Filing a PPP loan

Available stimulus programs

Tips to face financial crisis during a pandemic

Prediction of tax law changes going into 2021


Show resources:

Jan 14, 2021

During this show, you’ll discover …

✅  How business insurance is a must for every kind of business

✅  Get business insurance explained

✅  The various kinds of commercial insurance out there…

✅  … and what sorts of business accidents, catastrophes, and conditions they cover

✅  Find out how business insurance can save your business …

✅  … and it can even help preserve family finances

✅  How business insurance may help you get more clients…

✅  … and it may be a requirement for certain government contracts

✅  What the SBA thinks about business insurance

✅  The connection between business credit and business insurance

✅  The ins and outs of various business insurance coverage types

✅  How little it can cost you to protect your business and your family…

✅  … and how good business credit can even help your business get better insurance terms and rates

Jan 13, 2021

Maceo Jourdan is a serial entrepreneur with two decades of building businesses by creating great products and great marketing.  


His experience spans a wildly eclectic mix of practical real-world experience from the US Army to the cut-throat world of electronic trading.  


An early pioneer in computerized trading, Maceo built one of the earliest high-frequency trading systems for the S&P 500. When "pay per click"  marketing platforms burst on the scene he translated his work into massively successful automated systems for Google and, later, Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 


During the show we discuss:

● Starting a business while at home

● Pros and cons of creating a business at home

● What does it take to get started?

● Increasing productivity while working at home

● How not to fail with your business

● Factors that will surely cause your business to fail

● Common business owner’s mistakes

● Skill-set required to create a successful business strategy

● Good business strategy

● How to grow and scale your business

● Marketing techniques to follow when starting a business


Show resources:

Jan 12, 2021

Jeff Bermant is the founder of Cocoon MyData Rewards™, an app that pays users cash just for sharing their online data anonymously. 


For years, browsers and search engines have been collecting your data making billions of dollars selling it. With so many people being left out, I thought we should do something. Cocoon MyData Rewards™ helps users sell their online data easily and anonymously. Now you can decide, whether to cash in on the sale of your anonymized data or keep that data completely private.


This time giving users control over their data with an unprecedented way to monetize that data anonymously. MyData Rewards™ is an industry first, enabling users to cash in on a billion-dollar business of online data monetization.


During the show we discuss:

● How companies get your data and sell it while you earn $0

● Taking control of your data

● How to make money with your own data

● How much data is worth

● How much is personal data worth on the dark web

● Do browsers or websites sell your data to third parties without permission

● How to stop companies to sell your data

● How tech giants monetize user data for their own big profits

● Reasons to start selling your data

● What is the data being collected

● Is it illegal to sell data

● Risks when sharing data

● Ways to sell your data

● How to start selling data

● How does a free app pay cash for your data

● Data brokers

● What data brokers do with your data


Show resources:

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