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The Business Credit and Financing Show is produced by Credit Suite and hosted by Ty Crandall, business credit expert and best-selling author of Perfect Credit and Business Credit Decoded. Each week we talk about the business growth strategies that matter most to entrepreneurs. Listen in as we discuss the secrets to getting credit cards, loans, and credit lines to start and grow your business, even when you think you can’t get financing at a bank. And enjoy as we talk with seasoned business owners, coaches, influencers, and industry leaders on a variety of business growth strategies from how to market, hire, scale, increase revenue and profit, and the nuts and bolts of running a highly successful business. Listeners leave every 30-60-minute episode with actionable information you can use to start, grow, and fund a highly profitable business.
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Dec 27, 2018

During this show, you will discover …

That business credit increases the value of ANY business

Just what business credit is…

… and how it does not affect your personal credit

How business credit can actually protect personal credit scores AND personal assets

What goes into business credit – spoiler alert: it has to do with how you pay your bills

How fast you can build business credit

… and who can see your reports…

…because they re a matter of public record

How you will not need to provide a personal guarantee with business credit

How business credit increases the value of your business

Why having business credit helps you get better loan terms

How you can double your borrowing ability…

… and how high your limits can be with business credit

How even startups can get business credit…

… because they will not need to show financials, collateral, or time in business

Why taking the plunge early helps you more than waiting

And much more…

Dec 25, 2018

Jack McGuinness has 25+ years of experience working with leadership teams at organizations big and small across multiple industries. After serving as an airborne ranger with the U.S. Army’s prestigious 10th Mountain Division, he helped build a successful boutique management-consulting firm where he served as COO for 13 years. Jack also served as CEO of a contract packaging company, where he developed a passion for unleashing the leadership capacity of teams throughout an organization.

In 2009 Jack joined forces with a West Point classmate to form Relationship Impact, a consulting firm focused on working with CEOs to unlock the potential of their leadership teams. He also serves as a Senior Professional Instructor at the Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business where he teaches courses on strategic management and human capital. He is a contributing writer to Chief Executive Magazine. He holds an MBA from the Hagan School of Business at Iona College and a BS in Engineering Management from the United States Military Academy at West Point.

During this show we discuss…

The most important traits of a team leader

Growth strategies for entrepreneurs on team building

Role of a leader in building a great team for his/her business

Common mistakes CEO’s should avoid to have a productive team

Important qualities to look out for when choosing team members

The ideal members of any leadership team in a business

How leaders can set their teams up for success

Characteristics of a great team

Best way to create goals for a business as a team

The importance of everyone in the team knowing each other’s styles

How to measure your team’s effectiveness to your business goals

How to reenergize your team

How to eliminate poor structure in your team’s productivity

How to build a solid structural foundation to enable team collectivity in your business

How to encourage diverging viewpoints

The best principles to follow for a business team to grow positively and productively

The importance of feedback in team growth

The best way to tackle challenges as a team

And much more…

Dec 20, 2018

During this show we will dive into how you can get a business loan even if you have credit issues, do not have collateral, or do not have cash flow.

There are A LOT of available funding options for you and your business… but most of them you will not find at your bank.  During this show we will look at the financing you can get, where to get it, and how to actually get approved.

You will discover:

What sources now issue over 98% of all business loans… and how you can get access to that funding

Funding options that can work for you even if you have bad personal credit, no collateral, no cash flow verification, and even as a startup

How to make sure you do not get declined due to being in a “restricted industry” … and how to choose the right entity to reduce your personal liability

12 items on your loan application that lenders heavily scrutinize… and how to make small tweaks to ensure you get approved

How to get approved for multiple loans only because you have consistent cash flow… regardless of your business tax returns

How to get 0% NO DOC business financing… and how you can get approved even as a startup

The key to getting little-known-about alternative SBA loan options with great rates and long terms… even with average credit

How to use collateral to get loans and credit lines with rates of 5% or less… and how to qualify even if you do not have collateral

How to get business credit for your EIN that is not linked to your SSN even when you do not qualify for other business loans… and how to get your HIGH LIMIT accounts quickly

6 other forms of financing that most do not even know about… and how to get approved

During this show you will discover how to setup your application the right way where you will get approved.

And you will uncover the exact types of financing you can get regardless of cash flow, credit, or collateral… and the exact steps to get approved.

Dec 18, 2018

Jantzen Fugate, a serial entrepreneur who's had many successes and some epic failures that we'll get into a little bit later.  He was named to the V100 in Utah, a list of the top 100 entrepreneurs.  In 2015 he built his business loan brokerage to be Top 20 best companies to work for, and in 2016 they were named in the top 15 best companies to work for in the State of Utah.  He's the founder of PulNoMor a patent pending dog leash, Streamlined Record Retrieval which is the first business I started at the age of 21. It’s still going strong today, growing by about 15% year-over-year and it’s ran by my dad and brother.  He and his wife own a pretty successful downtown Thai Restaurant.  And the founder of the Business Loan Broker Academy and Business Loan Broker Conference. 

During This Show We Discuss…

Mr. Jantzen Fugate’s background in the business credit and financing space

Types of business financing that are working well right now

The best types of financing to look at for someone who has credit issues

Suggested types of financing for startup businesses

The current difficulty to getting finance for a business

Best types of financing for real estate investors

Some of the best credit lines for business owners

Loan programs that offer the best interest rates

Factors that determine how much money a borrower may get

Factors that determine the rates a borrower may pay

Mr. Fugate’s thoughts on the importance of business credit

More about what Mr. Fugate is doing with Business Loan Broker Academy

The type of training needed to become a business loan broker

Type of ongoing training is needed

Type of education and events available for business loan brokers

One thing you every entrepreneur should be doing but aren’t

One action item everyone should do immediately after hearing this show!

And much more…

Dec 13, 2018

During this show, you will discover …

Exciting types of business financing for your new venture

Business creativity can come from anywhere

It should be YOUR passion, since you will work long hours at the start

Determine what you can do that is unique

Choose a unique, memorable business name

Set up a business address, bank account, phone, fax, and more

Choose a business entity and create a pro website on a domain YOU buy

Work with the IRS and get a free EIN

Get all needed business licenses and a business merchant account…

… so your business can accept credit and debit cards

Leverage assets you already have

Some ways to get funding depend on industry or TIB …

… or ability to secure collateral

Use stocks, bonds,  an existing 401(k) or IRA as collateral

Try grants from HUD or the USDA

Angel investing is another option

Angels are informal investors who invest in the start of a company

Venture capitalists give money to help build new startups…

… but only if VCs believe a company has high-growth and high-risk potential

Or try unsecured business credit lines, using your assets as collateral

Some alternative lenders now offer unsecured lines of credit for $50 - 150k

Or try crowdfunding, via a platform like Kickstarter or Indiegogo

And do not forget about business credit!

This is credit in the business name, not your own. Start with vendor credit

If there are 5 – 8 trade lines reporting, move onto revolving store credit

With 10 revolving store credit lines reporting, advance to fleet credit

With 14 fleet credit lines reporting, move onto cash credit

Good business credit will help a company get loans in the future

Dec 11, 2018

Chris Dayley is a digital marketing entrepreneur with a passion for helping businesses succeed online. After spending years driving traffic through SEO and digital marketing efforts, Chris turned his attention to the user experience of websites to see if he could influence traffic to convert better. After running his first successful test, he fell in love and began focusing on helping businesses test their website experience. In 2014, he started his Conversion Optimization agency Dayley Conversion, which was a full-service agency helping businesses discover what converts best on their sites through testing. In 2016 he merged his company with Disruptive Advertising, where he currently works as VP of site testing and optimization. They offer full-service A/B testing solutions to clients including strategy, design, development and analytics.


During This Show We Discuss…

What disruptive advertising is

What disruptive advertising can do to help business owners

The forms of advertising that are working best right now

Some of the easiest ways to obtain new clients

Why business owners struggle to get leads and convert them

How to effectively market on a budget

3 ways to test content on your website

Why you should remove things from your website to see what converts best

Where to start testing the right things that will net you more sales

The exact tools you should use to test and have more website conversions

STOP using Google Analytics the wrong way, here’s how

What you should know about heatmapping that can get you more customers

What A/B testing is

How to start with A/B testing

Common mistakes with A/B testing to avoid

The types of tracking and analytics you should be tracking

How to get started with tracking activity on your website

And much more…

Dec 4, 2018

In this event we will dive in and decode each looking at how these all work, what they are all about, what is real and what is a scam, and most importantly ALL you should know.


During this show we will cover…

What a CPN really is and the legality of it

What CPNs are designed for… and what people are trying to use them for and why

Reasons people want to use CPNs… and BIG legal issues they need to know about

2 Federal laws that can be broken when using a CPN… and how breaking these laws could get people jailed

CPN fraud… what to look for

The FTC, TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax view of CPNs… in their own words

What shelf corporations are and why people use them

The main purposes shelf corporations are purchased… and other alternatives to reach the same goal without needing to purchase

9 things that are included in a shelf corporation

MASSIVE adverse repercussions of buying shelf corps that most do not think about

How the FTC, D&B, and Businessweek all view shelf corps

7 negatives of shelf corps everyone should know

What you should know about buying business trade lines

How buying trade lines and “piggybacking” onto someone else credit really works… and how good/bad of an idea it is

Why people purchase trade lines and other alternative options they have

The scams to look out for when purchasing trade lines

Adverse negative effects of buying trade lines most do not know about

And much more...