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The Business Credit and Financing Show is produced by Credit Suite and hosted by Ty Crandall, business credit expert and best-selling author of Perfect Credit and Business Credit Decoded. Each week we talk about the business growth strategies that matter most to entrepreneurs. Listen in as we discuss the secrets to getting credit cards, loans, and credit lines to start and grow your business, even when you think you can’t get financing at a bank. And enjoy as we talk with seasoned business owners, coaches, influencers, and industry leaders on a variety of business growth strategies from how to market, hire, scale, increase revenue and profit, and the nuts and bolts of running a highly successful business. Listeners leave every 30-60-minute episode with actionable information you can use to start, grow, and fund a highly profitable business.
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Jan 20, 2021

Nick Fredrick is an experienced operational and technology leader with a deep focus on enhancing customer relationships and improving internal processes. Nick’s expertise brings clients improved revenue and reduced expenses while implementing systems that scale faster and with greater stability.


The relationship with the consumer has never been more important for subscription businesses. They expect immediate and consistent experiences that delight. With companies like Netflix and Dollar Shave Club leading the subscription revolution with homegrown solutions, Rebar is stepping in to give a competitive leg up to high volume subscription businesses in the streaming, monthly box, and insurance sectors – allowing them to customize like a homegrown solution and avoid getting locked into a vendor that doesn’t scale.


During the show we discuss:


● Subscription model

● How subscription businesses work

● Why businesses should consider a subscription model

● Subscription business ideas to start in a pandemic

● Why transaction recycling matter to a subscription business

● Pitfalls to avoid when setting up a subscription business

● Can any business transition into a subscription business?

● Starting a subscription business

● Growing your subscription business

● Things to consider when starting a subscription business

● Testing the effectiveness of a subscription model

● Best practices for a subscription business model

● Having a product-market fit with a subscription model

● Best ways to save the relationship for customers who are about to cancel


Show resources:

Jan 19, 2021

After a successful technology career in Silicon Valley, Sean OToole purchased and flipped over 150 residential and commercial properties. He exited the market in 2006, right before the credit bubble burst.

Combining his technology and real estate experience, Sean launched ForeclosureRadar in 2007. ForeclosureRadar was quickly recognized as the nation’s best foreclosure information source, growing to help tens of thousands of real estate professionals prosper in an otherwise devastating market.

In 2013, Sean launched PropertyRadar, expanding beyond foreclosures to create a property data and owner information platform that powers thousands of investor, real estate professional, home service and other property-centric businesses. More than just a data company,  PropertyRadar levels the playing field by giving small businesses the same opportunities found in public records that big businesses have long enjoyed.


During the show we discuss:

● Investing in real estate during a pandemic

● What foreclosures will look like after the COVID epidemic

● How foreclosures have changed since 2008

● How it’s easier to stay in your home now more than ever even when you miss payments

● Which is better: Residential or commercial investment

● Where to learn or study real estate investing

● Getting insider details on properties before you buy

● Tapping into an auction and public record data to thrive in real estate investing

● Getting property records to market and grow in investing

● Getting loan and mortgage data for hyper-targeted marketing

● Easily locating other flippers who can be mentors

● Why you need a mentor to grow faster

● Following other investors to see their history of success

● Helping others and profiting during times of change


Show resources:

Jan 18, 2021

Joe Killinger has been an active member in the real estate industry for many years, Over the years he has been an Agent, Investor, Syndicator, Founder and Operator of companies as well as properties he invests in. He currently helps others get started in real estate investing or becoming a commercial real estate agent


During the show we discuss:


● Entering real estate

● The state of the real estate economy 

● Why start investing in real estate

● Investing in real estate in a global recession

● Stock market vs. real estate investing


● Should banks diversity loans into equity and debt

● Tips for beginners

● Getting started in real estate investing

● Investing in real estate with no money

● How a mentor can help you manage your investment/s

● Finding a mentor for guidance


Show resources:

Jan 15, 2021

Joshua Jenson AKA JJ the CPA has over 27 years of public accounting experience. He is the managing partner of Jenson & Company, which he founded over 23 years ago. 

He has over 52,000 subscribers on YouTube with over 6 million views on his YouTube channel along. He has published 2 books: The latest is “Cracking the CPA Code...


During the show we discuss:


Entering the world of accounting

Do you think software has been a disadvantage for CPAs? 

How Youtube community affect a career

PPP forgiveness tax adjustment

PPP and its advantages

The biggest misconceptions of forgiven PPP loan

Filing a PPP loan

Available stimulus programs

Tips to face financial crisis during a pandemic

Prediction of tax law changes going into 2021


Show resources:

Jan 14, 2021

During this show, you’ll discover …

✅  How business insurance is a must for every kind of business

✅  Get business insurance explained

✅  The various kinds of commercial insurance out there…

✅  … and what sorts of business accidents, catastrophes, and conditions they cover

✅  Find out how business insurance can save your business …

✅  … and it can even help preserve family finances

✅  How business insurance may help you get more clients…

✅  … and it may be a requirement for certain government contracts

✅  What the SBA thinks about business insurance

✅  The connection between business credit and business insurance

✅  The ins and outs of various business insurance coverage types

✅  How little it can cost you to protect your business and your family…

✅  … and how good business credit can even help your business get better insurance terms and rates

Jan 13, 2021

Maceo Jourdan is a serial entrepreneur with two decades of building businesses by creating great products and great marketing.  


His experience spans a wildly eclectic mix of practical real-world experience from the US Army to the cut-throat world of electronic trading.  


An early pioneer in computerized trading, Maceo built one of the earliest high-frequency trading systems for the S&P 500. When "pay per click"  marketing platforms burst on the scene he translated his work into massively successful automated systems for Google and, later, Facebook,  Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 


During the show we discuss:

● Starting a business while at home

● Pros and cons of creating a business at home

● What does it take to get started?

● Increasing productivity while working at home

● How not to fail with your business

● Factors that will surely cause your business to fail

● Common business owner’s mistakes

● Skill-set required to create a successful business strategy

● Good business strategy

● How to grow and scale your business

● Marketing techniques to follow when starting a business


Show resources:

Jan 12, 2021

Jeff Bermant is the founder of Cocoon MyData Rewards™, an app that pays users cash just for sharing their online data anonymously. 


For years, browsers and search engines have been collecting your data making billions of dollars selling it. With so many people being left out, I thought we should do something. Cocoon MyData Rewards™ helps users sell their online data easily and anonymously. Now you can decide, whether to cash in on the sale of your anonymized data or keep that data completely private.


This time giving users control over their data with an unprecedented way to monetize that data anonymously. MyData Rewards™ is an industry first, enabling users to cash in on a billion-dollar business of online data monetization.


During the show we discuss:

● How companies get your data and sell it while you earn $0

● Taking control of your data

● How to make money with your own data

● How much data is worth

● How much is personal data worth on the dark web

● Do browsers or websites sell your data to third parties without permission

● How to stop companies to sell your data

● How tech giants monetize user data for their own big profits

● Reasons to start selling your data

● What is the data being collected

● Is it illegal to sell data

● Risks when sharing data

● Ways to sell your data

● How to start selling data

● How does a free app pay cash for your data

● Data brokers

● What data brokers do with your data


Show resources:

Jan 11, 2021

Larry Forman has experienced all aspects of litigation from working with judges, prosecutors, and criminal defense attorneys throughout his career. He is recognized by Super Lawyers as a Rising Star for 5 years in a row, rated #1 DUI lawyer on Google in client reviews, and named Louisville Magazine’s Top Lawyer in his field, Mr. Forman has been practicing almost exclusively in the area of DUI law since he started his practice. He also runs a very active YouTube Channel: The DUI Guy.


During the show we discuss:

● Becoming the #1 DUI lawyer & a Rising Star Super Lawyer

● Growing your YouTube community

● Driving Under Influence (DUI)

● Deciding to practice on DUI cases

● Different DUI charges

● Every citizen should know about DUI cases

● What to do when charged with DUI

● Benefits of hiring a DUI Lawyer

● Breathalyzers and field sobriety tests


Show resources:

Jan 8, 2021

Ron has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. With a background in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), Ron enjoys speaking with teachers and students at all levels to help spark a passion for STEM. After being featured on the cover of Black Enterprise Magazine and giving a TEDTalk at Purdue University, he has become a valued motivational speaker....


During the show we discuss:

● Developing your interest in bowling

● “Creating the Difference Bowling”

● Starting and growing Facebook and YouTube community

● Selecting a bowling ball

● Maintaining a ball

● Creating a difference in bowling

● Tips for a bowling beginner

● Starter competitions

● Common bowling injuries


Show resources:

Jan 7, 2021

During this show, you’ll discover …

✅  How veterans are getting business cash

✅  Details on the SBA’s Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program…

✅  … and SBA Veterans Advantage Guaranteed Loans

✅  All about the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Concern program…

✅  … and SBA coronavirus disaster relief

✅  Plus where SBA microloans can fit in

✅  What the StreetShares Foundation is all about…

✅  … and how to qualify for the StreetShares Veteran Small Business Award…

✅  … and the StreetShares Female Founders Veteran Small Business Award Grant Program

✅  Details on veteran-friendly venture capital firm Hivers and Strivers

✅  How veterans can get collateral-based funding for their businesses…

✅  … including what you can use as collateral for business financing

✅  Plus we touch on more funding choices…

✅  … like merchant cash advances…

✅  … crowdfunding…

✅  … and angel investing

✅  Plus the details on the Credit Suite Hybrid Credit Line program

✅  And bonus information on veteran training programs like Boots to Business | Reboot…

✅  … and V-WISE (Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship)

Jan 6, 2021

Echo Huang left China at age 20 to cross the ocean with nothing but $800 and the hope of achieving the American Dream. Her courage and dedication fueled her journey through the business world over the next twenty years, gaining experience working in financial planning firms of all sizes before venturing off on her own. 


Today, as founder and President of Echo Wealth Management with multiple designations such as CFP®, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) license, and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter, Echo helps the country's top executives and entrepreneurs take the complexity out of their finances, giving them the confidence to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.


During the show we discuss:

● What it takes to own your financial freedom

● Common money problems to focus on

● Types of insurance to have

● Starting your wealth management plan

● Wealth management proven strategies

● Setting your monthly budget

● Savings goals

● How entrepreneurs think about personal wealth management

● Ways to improve financial situations

● Putting your savings on autopilot

● What makes a good financial portfolio

● Building your financial portfolio


Show resources:

Jan 5, 2021

Ashley Crouch is the founder of Appleseed Communications.


Ashley's writing appears in, Forbes, The New York Times, and more. She has trained over 2000 people worldwide on visibility and publicity strategy. 


She is an international speaker on leadership, publicity strategy, and entrepreneurship. 


Ashley and her businesses have been featured in American Express OPEN,, Brit & Co, Huffington Post, and more. She was a Forbes Under 30 Nominee for 2017 in Social Entrepreneurship. 


She is the author of the #1 International Bestselling Book, Unknown To Unforgettable: How To Stop Playing Small, Land National Media Attention, And Position Yourself As A Power Player


During the show we discuss:


● How PR has radically changed post COVID in a way you must know about

● Pillars of building your personal brand

● Building a prestigious personal brand

● Leveling someone else’s platform to grow your own brand

● Writing a book and get a TED talk to improve your personal brand

● Why PR is about way more than just branding 

● Importance of business image

● Benefits of landing media attention

● Reasons why media is key to the business’s success

● Why entrepreneurs should focus on landing national media attention

● Common pitfalls that hold entrepreneurs back

● Things most publicists do wrong that cost clients time and money

● What does it take to land national media attention

● New principles of PR that get you in National Outlets

● How to develop a better storytelling skill

● Building powerful relationships with top brass media professionals

● Landing big publicity without a big-ticket agency

● What Rocket Reach is and how to use it to get in front of the right people 


Show resources:

Jan 4, 2021

Mike Morse is the founder of Mike Morse Law Firm, the largest personal injury law firm in Michigan. Since the firm was founded in 1995, Mike Morse Law Firm has grown to 150 employees, served 25,000 clients, and collected more than $1 billion for victims of auto, truck and motorcycle accidents. Mike has received many awards and accolades, such as Super Lawyer’s Top Rated Lawyer and many more.  


During the show we discuss: 

● Starting a journey as an attorney

● Becoming a Top Lawyer

● Starting your passion for helping people

● Project Backpack

● How social media help to grow a  law firm

● Common personal injury cases

● What to do after an accident

● Why hire a lawyer

● Common mistakes Personal Injury Clients make


Show resources:

Jan 1, 2021

Jason Carr is the creator of LaunchBox, the most-popular and most-featured frontend video game on Windows. LaunchBox has 500,000 users, the LaunchBox community continues to grow and continues to be a beacon of hope for landlocked gamers everywhere. 


During the show we discuss:


● Software development

● Growing your community

● Online Community

● How video games changed over time

● LaunchBox app

● Advantages and disadvantages of having video-game management and frontend software

● On-trend games

● Creating a community to play your game/s


Show resources:

Dec 31, 2020

During this show, you’ll discover …

✅  What business bridge loans are

✅  Why you might want a bridge loan for your business

✅  The connection between bridge loans and venture capital financing…

✅  … and the even closer connection between real estate funding and bridge loans

✅  More uses for business bridge loans

✅  Differences between bridge loans and business loans

✅  How the speed to funding differs…

✅  … as do qualifying, interest, and origination fees

✅  How prepayment penalties and risk differ

✅ The parts that collateral and the repayment terms play

✅ Four great alternatives to business bridge loans…

✅ … including Credit Suite’s Credit Line Hybrid

✅ Find out how our hybrid credit line could be the perfect alternative to a bridge loan

Dec 30, 2020

Jared Curry is the CEO and founder of Scope 16 Marketing. He is an 18 year old New  Jersey native. At 16 years of age he read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and it  completely changed his life. He started learning everything about Digital Marketing  through an online course together with his friend in his junior year at High School.  

Now, as CEO of Scope 16 Marketing, Jared oversees a team of completely remote digital marketing geniuses. Scope 16 has scaled clients from 6 figures to multiple 7 figures  and he and his team are confident they can get those results because of their unique 8- Figure eCommerce Blackhawk System which is a Digital Marketer Certified Partner and Facebook Ads Certified Partner.


During the show we discuss:

● Importance of using social media marketing

● Benefits of social media

● Using retargeting to easily make sales

● Why look-a-like audiences can be so powerful

● Creating a social media marketing program to target more customers

● Things you need to do before running ads

● Creating a system to acquire more customers at a profit

● The beauty of a system that acquires more customers

● What results should a marketing agency be getting for their clients

● Is Facebook ads better than Google ads

● Are paid Facebook ads worth it

● Facebook Ads Strategies that can make 6-figures

● Most effective types of Facebook ad

● Facebook ad tips and tricks during a recession

● Mastering Facebook remarketing

● How to use Facebook ads to scale your business 

● Leveraging audience insights for audience creation


Show resources:

Dec 29, 2020

Paul joined AgilePQ in 2017, bringing extensive experience in launching and growing early stage companies. Paul has launched four disruptive technology companies, and served as CEO to five early stage companies in nanotechnology, automotive, graphene, carbon nanotube, PCB, microprocessor and other advanced technologies.


He has deep experience with company governance and boards, and a broad global network of venture and PE firms. Paul currently serves in advisory and mentor roles with the Stanford University TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy, the North Carolina Joint School of Nano-Science and the Nano-Engineering (JSNN), Board of Advisers.


During the show we discuss:


● IoT devices

● Cryptography

● Why we need data security

● Risks when the database is not secured

● Common types of cyber-attacks

● Causes of data leakage

● Kinds of protections to guard against data theft

● Determining if data is safe

● Identifying the cyber-attack

● How AgilePq security is different from traditional security

● Why Post Quantum

● What makes your product “post-quantum”

● Importance of securing usernames and passwords

● Protecting your office and home from cyber attacks

● How to sure that a cryptosystem is quantum-safe

● Benefits of quantum-safe security


Show resources:

Dec 28, 2020

Rebecca Zung is one of the Top 1% of attorneys in the nation, having been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a “Best Lawyer in America”, as “Legal Elite”  by Trend Magazine, and recognized by her peers as AV preeminent rated in family law, the highest possible rating for an attorney by Martindale Hub bell. 

She is the author of the bestselling books, Negotiate Like You M.A.T.T.E.R.: The  Sure Fire Method to Step Up and Win (foreword by Robert Shapiro) and Breaking  Free: A Step-by-Step Divorce Guide for Achieving Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Freedom.

She has been featured in or on Extra, Forbes, Huffington Post, Newsweek, Time, Dr. Drew, NPR Talk Radio, Good Day New York and CBS Los Angeles among others. 

She is continuing to serve through her very popular YouTube channel, media appearances, podcast, articles and on-demand programs such as: S.L.A.Y. Your E Negotiation™ with a Narcissist and Breaking Free™ Divorce Masterclasses.


During the show we discuss:


● Starting your career

● Becoming one of the top 1% of the attorneys in US

● Starting a totally new endeavor

● Influencing and helping people through social media platforms

● Growing YouTube channel like crazy

● Creating programs to help people negotiate with narcissists

● Narcissist

● How a narcissist affect businesses

● Narcissist building a successful business

● Pros and cons of being a narcissistic businessman

● Spotting the narcissist in business or work

● Importance of negotiation

● Negotiating successfully with a narcissist

● Signs that you’ve beaten a narcissist


Show resources:

Dec 24, 2020

During this show, you’ll discover …

✅ How trade references can help any business

✅ Everything you need to know about trade references

✅ Learn what a trade reference is…

✅ … and why it matters to your business

✅ Learn what goes into a good trade reference

✅ Find out which businesses are good to ask for trade references from…

✅ … and which aren’t so good

✅ Learn how D&B treats trade references…

✅ … and what they will check

✅ Find out how trade references can sometimes harm your business

✅ Learn all about how to use trade references to check up on your own customers

✅ Find out how to perform due diligence and get the information you need to take acceptable risks

✅ Get to know how you can leverage trade references to negotiate better terms with your clientele

Dec 23, 2020

Ryan Frederick is a Founder and product person at heart. He now helps companies build great software products and solve data challenges for competitive advantage as a Principal at the product and data consulting firm, AWH.


Ryan is an active angel investor, mentors, and advises entrepreneurs and startups, as well as corporate innovation leaders. He launched a non-profit workforce development program to train under-employed adults on digital skills called i.c.stars. 


Ryan has authored a book on increasing the odds of success in creating products, being a Founder, and starting companies called The Founder’s Manual: A Guidebook for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur.


During the show we discuss:


● What does it take to be a founder

● Wrong idea about being a founder

● Must-dos before building a company

● Having a winning idea for a business

● Finding your niche

● Steps to build a company

● Core principles to help increase the odds of being a successful Founder

● What are needed when building a company

● Advantages of creating your own product

● Product development process

● Creating successful products

● Tips for making a successful product


Show resources:

Dec 22, 2020

As Co-founder and Managing Member at Red Fox Capital, Mike brings over 20 years of experience challenging the typical financial advisor to think beyond conventional investment advice. His clients experience innovative approaches to building generational wealth and tax strategies through his innovative Integrated Asset  Management investment philosophy. Mike is the author of the bestselling book. “The  Real Perspective-Investment Secrets Your Financial Advisor Won’t Tell You” that shares his step by step strategies his clients use to build retirement income and wealth while lowering their taxes. 


Mike was named the youngest Director of Finance by the National Republican Senatorial Committee, to lead the finances of a U.S. Senate campaign. Mike was also named the National Director of Finance for Team 100, an elite organization created by President George H. W. Bush, which comprises of the country’s top business leaders and wealthy families.


During the show, we discuss:


● How risky is it to pick out your own stocks

● Integrated Asset Management

● How Integrated Asset Management help investors reduce risk and increase returns

● Importance of risk tolerance

● How to figure out risk tolerance

● How financial advisors being a disservice to their clients

● Steps to start investing

● Kinds of investments that are good for beginners

● Other investment to consider aside from stocks and bonds

● Things to consider before making any investment decisions

● How smart investors invest in a falling market

● How to handle market fluctuations

● Secret investment strategy during the COVID-19 pandemic and political uncertainty

● Investor’s exposure to Wall Street products

● Why invest in Wall Street products

● How to effectively build your Portfolio

● How often should I check my portfolio

● Secret investments that your financial advisor will not tell you about

Show resources:

Dec 16, 2020

Derick Van Ness is a Wealth Strategist who is passionate about helping people reach their full potential. His company, Big Life Financial is focused on removing the mystery and misinformation surrounding money and financial strategy so people can live their BIGGEST LIFE!


Derick believes that each person has something unique and valuable to contribute to the world, but that most people are never able to express that gift due to fear, doubt, or worry related to money. His mission is to eradicate that fear and fundamentally change the way that people think about the utilize money within the next generation.


Derick’s company can help anyone but is specifically focused on small business owners, and has already helped 1000’s of them to create financial certainty and confidence. He is a straight shooter and has an uncanny ability to explain complex concepts in a simple way that allows clients to see massive results!


During the show we discuss:


● Why money should never stop you from living big

● What financial freedom is

● Habits that set the wealthy apart

● How to know when and how much to save

● How to make better financial decisions

● Why simple financial strategy works

● Saving strategy that works

● Importance of setting a deadline to financial goals

● Why track all the financial transactions

● How to grow and protect assets like the wealthy

● What most people are doing that isn’t working financially

● Biggest financial mistakes people are making

● Where to invest first

● What to do before you invest and how to manage investment

● What business owner know about their finances

● Steps to achieve financial freedom

● Why should a person use a financial advisor


Show resources:

Dec 16, 2020

During this show we discuss …

✅  How to get an unsecured business loan with bad credit

✅  Why the reason why you have bad personal credit matters

✅  How cash flow or a credit partner can help you get an unsecured business loan with bad credit

✅  How you can qualify for cash flow financing…

✅  … why your business’s debt-to-income ratio matters

✅  The advantages and disadvantages of business lines of credit…

✅  … and merchant cash advances

✅  Why invoice factoring could be a good choice…

✅  … or account receivable financing may be even better

✅  How even microloans can help you

✅  Why peer to peer financing could be a good option

✅  The basics of business fundability…

✅  … and how it affects business credit building

✅  How starter vendors can help you build business credit

✅  How the D&B CreditBuilder can help you in your quest to establish business credit

✅  Why building business credit with Credit Suite is more than just a few net 30 vendors for build business credit…

✅  … and what our Finance Specialists can do for you and your business…

✅  … to help you and your business succeed

Dec 15, 2020

Nathan started his first company, Portlight in 2009. Out of frustration of hiring remotely for Portlight, he founded FreeeUp in 2015 with his business partner because they wanted a better way and scrap poor support and unreliability of some existing platforms. Within 4 years, Freeup revenue scaled up from 5k to $12 million in yearly revenue and was recently acquired by the HOTH.


Today, our newly launched company Outsource School teaches entrepreneurs how to hire and scale their business with virtual assistants and will share all the secrets to scale and sell FreeeUp with a completely remote team of VAs.


During the show we discuss:


● What to focus on as a business owner

● Why businesses are hiring Virtual Assistants

● Advantages of hiring virtual assistants

● Delegating tasks off your plate

● VA skills and habits to look for

● VA must have qualities

● Example tasks for VAs

● Where to find the best freelancers

● What to prepare before hiring a VA

● Steps in hiring freelancers

● Setting your VA budget

● Setting up strong communication with freelancers

● Building culture remotely


Show resources:

Dec 10, 2020

During this show, you’ll discover …

✅  A practical plan to build business credit in 30 days…

✅  … and how to set up your business for future success during those 30 days

✅  Where fundability comes into play

✅  How your business name matters…

✅  … as does your business phone number

✅  Why you don’t want to use a residence as your business address

✅  How your business website…

✅  … and your business email come into play

✅  What you need from your Secretary of State’s Office

✅  How to quickly set up a business bank account

✅  How your EIN and business entity come into play

✅  What you need to get from the IRS

✅  What you need to know about SIC and NAICS codes

✅  Why incorporating your business is an excellent choice…

✅  … and why you’ve got to have a D-U-N-S number

✅  Why establishing payment experiences matters…

✅  … and why it’s vital to work with vendors which report to the business credit reporting bureaus

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